Officeworks Scam Warnings

Officeworks advises customers to be aware of scammers impersonating our Officeworks brand in the form of emails, website links, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, competitions, and the promise of gift cards. These scammers often request or attempt to obtain your personal or financial information or exploit you for financial gain.

If you receive any suspicious emails, please:

  • Delete them immediately
  • Do not click on any links or attachments
  • Report to SCAMwatch or Stay Smart Online
  • If in doubt, contact us on 1300 OFFICE (633 423).

Check this page regularly for updates on the scams targeting Officeworks customers.

For more information on phishing scams and tips on identifying these types of attacks, visit SCAMwatch.


July - August 2018

Officeworks Invoice Phishing Scam

Officeworks has become aware of a series of email scams targeting Officeworks customers. The scam impersonates Officeworks’ Credit & Accounts Payable and attempts to lure customers to a fraudulent website via a link through an invoice number (see below).

These emails have been sent from unfamiliar email addresses which are not from Officeworks. The links lead to a virus download which customers should avoid.

If you have received a copy of this email, please delete immediately.

Sample scam email

Please note that Officeworks invoices can be verified through your online account. For any questions about your invoice, please call 1300 OFFICE (633 423).