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Complete a variety of tasks thanks to Officeworks' wide range of coloured and grey lead pencils. Whether you are doing simple tasks such as writing or solving equations, or creating high quality art, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Discover the benefits of taking time to write by hand.


J.Burrows HB Graphite Pencils 5 Pack

These J.Burrows Graphite Pencils come in a handy pack of 5, so you can place them around your home or workspace for every day use. These pencils are easy to erase and easy to sharpen making them a no fuss option. The hexagonal barrel ensures that you can write without experiencing writers fatigue.
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J.Burrows Half-Size HB Pencils 50 Pack

These J.Burrows Half-Size Pencils are a great option for anyone who needs to save space in their pencil case, or for use in a workspace where forms are constantly filled out. These pencils are both easy to sharpen and easy to write with so you or your clients will not become frustrated. The HB lead produces strong, bold lines that can read without strain.
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