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Need to upgrade your home office setup?

With more and more people working from home, it is vital that you create a dedicated work space to ensure you maximise your productivity while ensuring you are comfortable.

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How to create the ultimate workspace at home

The ultimate home office setup covers all your bases: connectivity, comfort, and style.

Connectivity is about everything working together. Things like your network speed and your connected devices, from printers to tablets. More time working, less time buffering!

Comfort means you’re supporting your body while you work – having a desk and chair that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. And of course, style! Make sure your space is in line with your personal style, so you’ll enjoy being there and working there.

What to consider when creating your space for work

The most productive, most comfortable workspace looks different for everyone.

For some people, it might mean choosing a sit-stand desk to stay mobile throughout the workday and for others it might mean a technology setup that works as fast as you do. And consider what you want your space to look like. With stationery, organisers, and your choice of furniture, you’ll be able to find something that reflects your personal style.

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Home Office Desks

Home Office Desks

Start setting up your space with one of the most important features – your desk.


Consider the size of your space, how much storage you need and any additional features you might want your desk to have like a sit stand option. Hutch and corner desks are perfect for small spaces as they make use of the corner of a room and fit perfectly. Sit stand desks let you choose between a seated or standing position which is great if you want to support your health while working remotely. With such a wide range of home office desks to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one for your workspace at home.

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Home Office Chairs

Your comfort is essential – not just to your productivity, but to your health.


When you’re making your decision about a chair for your home office, make sure the chair fits your day. How many hours per day will you spending at your desk? Check how much use time the chair is recommended for to ensure you have a chair that supports you and your workday. And if you are someone who likes to alternate their posture throughout the day with a sit-stand desk, a drafting chair can be a great choice. For help with your decision, be sure to check out the chair selector tool and our ergonomic chairs buying guide.

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Home Office Chairs
Home Office Laptops

Home Office Laptops

When it comes to laptops, there are a range of factors involved in choosing which is right for you.


Look at features such as RAM, storage capacity, and processor type, as well as battery life to find one that is best for work. RAM – or Random-Access Memory – refers to the component of your computer that temporarily stores information that your computer needs to run programs and operations simultaneously. More RAM gives you more ability to multitask. Storage capacity refers to how much of your files the computer can accommodate, so if you save most of your files to your computer rather than in the cloud, this is a must.


And the processor type - the processor is essentially the brain of the laptop, so it is best to check what it’s capable of! Take a look at the Laptop Buying Guide for more information on how to choose a laptop.

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Home Office Monitors

Adding an external monitor to your laptop is a great way to boost your productivity and reduce eyestrain, by giving your tasks more space on the screen.


First, think about your space requirements. If you need dual monitors, or if you have a smaller desk area, you might choose a monitor with more modest dimensions, or with a space-saving base like this LG FHD Monitor. For high-quality graphics, or if you’re planning to have your home office alternate as a gaming hub, gaming monitors are a great choice with their fast refresh and response times for minimising lag

For an even more immersive choice, you might look to a curved monitor.


And for those long hours at the home office, ensure you’re looking after your eyes. BlueLightMode helps protect your eyes, while flicker-free technology also helps to minimise strain. If you need help choosing a computer monitor, we’ve whittled it down to these 10 best monitors.

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Home Office Monitors
Home Office Printers

Home Office Printers

Even if you’re no longer working in the office, you may still need to print documents. For your everyday document printing, you can choose a single-purpose mono printer, that gives you your documents in black and white. Choose a multifunction printer if you need to scan, sign, and reproduce documents as well as printing.

Many printers can connect wirelessly, helping you print documents with ease over WiFi, Bluetooth, or WiFi Direct, whilst saving you space and clutter on your desktop by minimising wires. If you need help choosing a printer, check out our Printer Buying Guide.

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Home Office Webcams

Video calls are now part of many people’s everyday lives. Keep communication as clear and easy as possible with the right video and audio equipment. For everyday video calls, look for something that covers your bases. Do you need an inbuilt microphone? Or perhaps you want a camera with a lens shutter for privacy.

For those who are conducting webinars or appointments virtually, it might be a good idea to choose a higher resolution camera. For those who need to broadcast presentations, conduct appointments and consultations, or stream classes to students, a higher resolution camera with a higher frame rate is a good choice to ensure fluid, clear communication.


Cameras such as the Logitech HD Pro Webcam offer Full HD resolutions, and also have multi-directional microphones built in, capturing clear sound and minimising background noise.

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Home Office Webcams
Best Home Office Headphones

Home Office Headphones

Whether you want to block out sound, take video calls, or just listen to your favourite music while you work, headphones are an important accessory to consider for your home office setup.


For noise cancellation, if you work in a busy home or share a home office, noise-cancelling headphones are a great choice to help you concentrate. Those with a built-in microphone, like the Sennheiser HD 350BT Wireless Headphones, even help you seamlessly take calls from your laptop or smartphone with the press of a button on the earcups.

For those who find themselves moving around their home during the day, or those who use a sit-stand desk, wireless headphones are a superb choice as they allow you freedom of movement. Our range of wireless headphones – most of which connect via Bluetooth – includes over-ear, sports, and in-ear styles, so you can find what suits you best.

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Home Office Filing Cabinets

You’ll need a place to keep your files organised and secure in your home office, but you also need one that fits your set up. For compact filing cabinet options, consider the Venturo range, which can fit neatly beneath your desktop and comes in both one and three-drawer variations. It also comes with the benefit of castors, so you can move it from place to place when necessary.

For those who want to use the vertical space in their home office, something like the standalone Soho Filing Cabinet – that comes in both two- and four-drawer variations – is a great choice. Lockable drawers, too, are an important consideration if you will be storing sensitive or personal information.

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Best Home Office Filing Cabinets
Best Home Office Desk Accessories

Home Office Desk Accessories

Your space is just that – your space. Make it somewhere you like to spend time and let it reflect your personal style.


Practical organisers for your home office setup don’t have to be boring. You can create a coordinated look with our fashion stationary range from Otto. Using these coordinated ranges, you can have everything from binders to organisers, to pens, to notebooks with the same colour scheme. You can also look at our range of photo frames, so you can keep pictures of family and friends in your space while you work.

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