Garmin Watch

Since 1989 (then known as ‘ProNav’), Gary Burrell’s and Min Kao’s technology company has specialised in helping people navigate the world. Literally. From automotive to aviation, outdoor to sporting activities and maritime/sonar mapping, GPS has been the core name of the game. In the early 2000s/2010s, Garmin was synonymous with automotive GPS and digital map products at the consumer level. With the competitor diversification of the ‘SatNav’ market later on, Garmin has since established itself firmly as an authority in fitness devices that help you achieve your fitness goals. With wearable fitness products including activity trackers and smart watches as well as the addition of smart scales, Garmin's range features a line of smartwatches especially designed for different sporting activities – running, cycling, indoor training, swimming, diving, water sports and more. And for those who aren’t quite as big on thrill-seeking, Garmin also offers a range of fashion watches with similar functionalities for step counting, heart rate monitoring and more.

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