How do I access my SWMS?

Download your .doc document onto your computer

  1. Right click the .doc email attachment and click 'Save Target As' on Windows or 'Save Link As' on a Mac
  2. Save the file to your computer
  3. Locate the file on your computer and double click to open

Note: This will not work with the .iat file which is for mobile use only using the iAuditor App.

Download and Saving Instructions for your iAuditor SWMS for mobile devices

You will first need to download iAuditor via the App Store or Play Store so you can access the SWMS .iat file on your mobile device. To access your iAuditor SWMS (.iat) follow the steps below:

  1. Access the email application on your smartphone or tablet and open is email with its attachments from Officeworks
  2. View the attached files (this process will be different depending on your device, eg: iOS or Android)
  3. Tap on the iAuditor (.iat) file (doing this will download the file on an Android device)
  4. This will open another screen that lists the iAuditor (.iat) file on a iOS device
  5. In the left hand corner click the Share icon on a iOS device
  6. Tap "Open in..." (iOS Mail) and select the iAuditor App or find the iAuditor (.iat) file in you Android "Downloads" folder and double tap
  7. The iAuditor App will open and your SWMS will now be visible under Templates