Officeworks 30 Day Business Account A 30 Day Business Account allows you to purchase your goods at Officeworks using a line of credit to buy now and pay 30 days from invoice. This will allow you to keep your business spending separate to your personal shopping.

  • Single or Multiple 30 Day Business Account Cards
  • Payment terms of 30 days from invoice date
  • Repayment of account via EFT, BPay, credit card or Direct Debit
  • Purchase in-store or online at
Apply for a 30 Day Business Account


Setting up a 30 Day Business Account

You can get yourself a 30 Day Business Account in no time. Officeworks 30 Day Business Account registration is easy, simple and can be completed online.

We offer 30 Day Business Accounts to any business whose ABN is more than 6 months old.

Credit Limits

The credit limit available to 30 Day Business Account holders varies depending on your specific business needs and credit history. As you will have 30 days to pay your invoice once the application is approved, when selecting your credit limit consider both your everyday business essentials as well as your future needs and one-off purchases, such as computers, storage and furniture.


To successfully apply for a 30 Day Business Account you'll need to ensure you can say 'yes' to the following:

  • Do you have a valid ABN number that is more than 6 months old?
  • Do you have good credit history?

Then simply fill in the online application and you're done!

Additional Cardholders

You can create additional card holders by logging into your 30 Day Business Account and going to My Account / Manage My 30 Day Business Cards.

Cards can be created for existing or new users, each card holder must be a contact on the account to be able to login and access the digital card and manage their card.