Professionally design and print your own marketing materials

Brand, merchandise and promote your business with Avery products. Customise labels for your products or create your own sales and promotional materials from the convenience of your computer, then print only what you need.

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Unique advantage of using Avery Labels

Avery® Design & Print Online

It's so easy to create unique, professional-looking branding for your products. All you need are labels, tags and cards and the FREE Avery® Design & Print software.

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Avery Shipping Labels

Quick peel technology

Quick Peel technology allows for quicker and easier detachment of labels from the backing sheet. Simply bend the sheet back to expose the labels edge, peel, then fold the sheet back to flat in a jiffy.

Avery Shipping Labels

Premium adhesive

Premium adhesive ensures envelopes and important letters arrive at the right destination.

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