Extra Cover Plans

Extra Cover Plans

There are two different types of Extra Cover Plans available. These plans are dependent on the price of the item wishing to be covered. The cost of the Extra Cover plans are available by clicking here

Plans:Replacement PlanRepair Plan
For items priced between: $25-$1,000 $1,001-$6,000
Authorised claims will result in: A replacement item or an Officeworks Gift Card up to the value of the original purchase price Repair of your product including parts and labour

For information on your Customer rights under the ACL, please click here. To refer to the Extra Cover Terms and Conditions Brochure, click here. To visit the ACCC website, click here or you may seek your own independent legal advice.

Features and benefits of the Extra Cover Plans

When things go wrong, a guaranteed repair time and coverage for parts and labour provides peace of mind that you will be back up and running faster. You are also purchasing the certainty that your Extra Cover claims process will be managed for you. Other plan features include:

Original Purchase Price$25-$1,000$1,001-$6,000
What You Get Replacement Plan Repair Plan
Certainty and convenience
One claim number
National coverage
Worldwide coverage
Fair wear and tear
Mechanical or Eletrical Failure
Toll free technical support
Guaranteed replacement (gift card reimbursed) N/A
Parts and labour N/A
Repair period guarantee N/A
'No Lemon' guarantee N/A
Freight/delivery N/A
Loan Product (for repair period) N/A

For information on what is not covered by the Extra Cover Plans please refer to the terms and conditions.

Period of Extra Cover Plans

The Extra Cover Plan cover period commences at the expiration of the original Manufacturer's Warranty for Your Product. The total combined cover (including both the Manufacturer's Warranty and the Extra Cover) shall not exceed a maximum of three (3) years.

 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Scenario 1 Manufacturer's Warranty (1 year) 2 years Extra Cover
Scenario 2 Manufacturer's Warranty (2 years) 1 year Extra Cover