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Celco Protractor 15cm 180 Degrees The Celco Protractor can measure angles up to 180 degrees and also includes a 15 cm ruler for your convenience. It has a transparent design which makes it easy to see what you're working on and a bevelled edge for easier marking and drawing. Studymate 180 Degree Protractor This Studymate 180 Degree Protractor is ideal for office, home or school use. It's constructed from a tough, transparent plastic and designed to be long lasting and durable. It has a bevelled edge and millimetre divisions for accuracy. W & G Education Geoliner This W & G Education Geoliner combines a protractor, set square and a ruler into a single versatile instrument. You can use it to get creative and draw consistent patterns or to complete technical drawings and calculations. Studymate 360 Degree Protractor This Studymate 360 Degree Protractor is an easy solution to drawing and measuring circles. It is made from a sturdy plastic material and is clear so you can easily measure. This 360 degree protractor measures in millimetre increments. Celco 15cm 360 Degree Protractor This Celco Protractor will allow you to measure and draw 360 degree circles with ease. This circle has a bevelled edge which makes it suitable to use with fine mechanical pencils and pens. It is made from a clear plastic which makes it very easy to use and see what is underneath.
Celco Protractor 15cm 180 Degrees
Studymate 180 Degree Protractor
W & G Education Geoliner
Studymate 360 Degree Protractor
Celco 15cm 360 Degree Protractor