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Spray Adhesives

J.Burrows Adhesive Spray 350g This J.Burrows Adhesive Spray is perfect for bonding different materials including cardboard, paper, wood, fabric and more. It bonds quickly but remains tacky so you can reposition your items if needed before it dries. J.Burrows Workable Fixative Spray 400g This J.Burrows Workable Fixative Spray is a finishing spray that can be used to set art markings in place. This spray has a matte finish and dries in seconds, so that the artwork can be reworked later on. Micador Spray Adhesive 400g This Micador Spray Adhesive is a multi purpose spray that can be used on a wide range of applications including craft projects, scrapbooking and minor repairs. It comes in a handy spray bottle so that you can easily direct the adhesive to where you need it. It stays tacky for longer so you can reposition items or leave them until they become permanently bonded. Micador Fixative Spray 450g Micador Fixative Spray is perfect for protecting your artwork. This spray will work on most art mediums and is entirely clear so it won't affect the final look of your work. Caran d'Ache Fixative 400mL This Caran d'Ache Fixative can be used to prevent smudging and transference in your pencil, charcoal and dry pastel drawings. It's colourless and non-yellowing so it won't cause any discolouration to your work over time. It dries to a touch-resistant, matt finish to give your artwork a final layer and completed look.
J.Burrows Adhesive Spray 350g
J.Burrows Workable Fixative Spray 400g
Micador Spray Adhesive 400g
Micador Fixative Spray 450g
Caran d'Ache Fixative 400mL