Priding themselves on the creation of inspirational and innovative products, Staedtler is a writer and artist's best friend. The German company, which was created in 1835 and named after its founder, manufactures high quality writing and drawing instruments ideal for use at home, school or work. Their range of pens, coloured pencils, crayons, erasers and other stationery have enabled writers and artists true self expression for centuries.

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Dan Beardshaw – Drawing in Perspective

Dan Beardshaw

Learn to draw in perspective!

Dan Beardshaw, self-taught artist, popular YouTuber and practising architect, will help you to build up some integral skills for realistic drawing: drawing in perspective and drawing textures.

Dan Beardshaw
Dan Beardshaw
Dan Beardshaw
Dan Beardshaw
Melanie Übleis – Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques

Melanie Übleis

Discover great drawing techniques with coloured pencils!

Melanie Übleis, the creative head behind the YouTube channel Visual Mind will introduce you to the different techniques you can create with coloured pencils. Experience the fun of creating effects with watercolour pencils and learn how to best combine them with permanent coloured pencils.

Kalliopi Lyviaki – Drawing with Ink and Watercolours

Kalliopi Lyviaki

Ink and watercolours going hand in hand!

Kalliopi Lyviaki is a creative mastermind and loves to let her creativity sparkle. In her course she takes you along her adventures with inks and watercolours. Get ready to be swept away by her skills and style.

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