Responsible and ethical sourcing

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Sourcing goods and services sustainably and responsibly

Officeworks is committed is to sourcing goods and services in sustainable and responsible ways. This is underpinned by the way we work within the business and with our partners across our supply chain.

Responsible sourcing focuses on three main themes which ensures our suppliers work in an ethical and responsible way:

  • Sourcing wood fibre responsibly and sustainably
  • Sourcing goods and services ethically
  • Reducing our environmental impact

Sourcing wood fibre responsibly and sustainably

In line with Officeworks’ Sustainable Wood-Fibre Sourcing Policy, all paper and/or wood products sold, should be responsibly sourced or contain 100% post-consumer recycled material.

We prohibit paper and/or wood from high risk or illegal sources and our suppliers are required to complete a forestry questionnaire and provide relevant evidence to support their sourcing claims.

Our goal is that by December 2020, all paper products we sell will either be FSC certified or be made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. All furniture products will be sourced from verified legal, low-risk, responsible sources or will be FSC certified.

Officeworks Sustainable Wood-Fibre Sourcing Policy

Sourcing goods and services ethically

Officeworks’ Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Policy outlines the commitment to ensure that goods and services are sourced in a responsible manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices.

Suppliers are assessed for risk according to the management of ethical and responsible sourcing risks and are required to demonstrate compliance to Officeworks Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Policy.

We recognise that transparency and collaboration are central to upholding and respecting human rights and labour conditions throughout the supply chain. You can view our list of factories that we work directly with to produce our own brand products here. All factories listed have been independently audited within the last 24 months to monitor compliance with our Ethical Sourcing & Modern Slavery Policy.

Officeworks Ethical Sourcing & Modern Slavery Policy

Reducing our environmental impact

We recognise the importance of reducing our environmental impact and are committed to doing our part across our entire business.

Our Sustainable Packaging Policy sets the expectations for our suppliers to support the use and supply of sustainable packaging for products supplied to us to continue to reduce impacts from product packaging.

We support the sourcing of sustainable palm oil in all products sold by Officeworks. The sourcing of sustainable palm oil seeks to address many concerns in the production of palm oil, including, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation and protection of rights of communities and workers in the supply chain. The Sustainable Palm Oil Policy sets the expectations for suppliers to us to support the use of sustainable palm oil, sustainable palm kernel oil and their derivatives.