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Wired Keyboards

J.Burrows Wired Keyboard Black This J.Burrows Keyboard features keys with a high cap design for precise typing as well as multimedia keys for quick usability. It has a wired design, simply connect to your computer via USB. J.Burrows Wired Keyboard The J.Burrows Wired Keyboard has a sleek, flat design to make typing a breeze. It has a standard keyboard layout so you'll be able to type accurately and quickly. Targus Numeric Keypad Black and Grey Create a more efficient and ergonomic workstation with the Targus Numeric Keypad. With its full sized keys, you can quickly and accurately type numbers into spreadsheets, accounting files or financial applications. HP Wired Keyboard K1500 The HP K1500 Keyboard is a reliable, full size keyboard option which would be ideal for use in your home or workspace setup. It has adjustable legs to help keep you comfortable and quiet keys so you can still type in almost any noise environment.
J.Burrows Wired Keyboard Black
J.Burrows Wired Keyboard
Targus Numeric Keypad Black and Grey
HP Wired Keyboard K1500