Express Pay

Express Pay is the quickest way to buy online at Officeworks. You can enjoy the convenience of checking out in a fast, easy and secure manner with our new Express Pay feature.

How to use it

Once Express Pay has been set up in your Officeworks account, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of checking out with Express Pay for your future purchases.

  • Easy and convenient for recurring transactions
  • Once set up, you'll be able to use it for future purchases
  • You will be able to use Express Pay every time you log in
  • Just click the Express Pay button on the cart page to complete your purchase!

How to set it up

  • Login to your Officeworks account
  • Go to your personal details and select Express Pay
  • Enable Express Pay, fill in your details and save

    (You must have your credit card already saved in your account*).

  • Start shopping with us!

* To add/save a new credit card, next time you purchase select 'save card' from the payment step in the standard checkout process.

FAQ about Express Pay