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EFM's range of mobile lifestyle products are made for maximum protection and comfort, while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. Shop their wide range of phone cases to find one that suits your style and rest easy knowing that your device will be shielded by EFM's optimum protection.

EFM - Your ultimate device protection solution

Safeguarding your device & protecting your precious memories

A phone case, screen guard and lens protectors are not just for protecting your device; it's a safeguard for the memories and brilliant photos that make your device priceless.

With EFM the EFM Case, Screen and Lens protectors, you can enjoy drop and scratch protection that secures not just your phone but the stories it holds.

EFM Cases with D3O®

Unrivaled Defense, Unmatched Impact Protection!

D3O®'s pioneering innovations such as D3O® Bio, the world's leading plant-based impact protection material, means you get slim, lightweight phone cases and crystal-clear screen shields with maximum impact protection.

EFM is the only device gear brand in Australia to integrate D3O® within its smartphone, tablet and smartwatch cases and screen protectors, giving you the thinnest and most advanced impact protection for your device.

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Slim but tough cases, screen guards & camera lens protectors

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