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By continuing to develop innovative new products, Elmer’s has become the trusted brand when it comes to fueling creativity and providing outstanding product performance in the classroom, at home, in the workshop and at the craft table.

Elmer's School Glue

This Elmer's School Glue is easy to apply and doesn't run once it has been laid down, making it a mess-free choice. It is useful for bonding both paper and cardboard, and is non-toxic for your peace of mind.

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    Elmer's Clear Glue

    This Elmer's Clear Glue can be used to bond paper and cardboard and dried clear for a subtle result. The glue is both washable and non-toxic, making it a great choice for use by early learners at home or in the classroom.

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    Glue All

    When you need more strength, Glue-All is the multipurpose glue that gets the job done. Bonds strongly and dries clear, great for household jobs, crafting, and school projects.

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    Elmer’s Premade slime

    Put away the mixing bowls and spatulas and discover the fun of Elmer’s Glue. Slime fun that comes straight out of the jar! It's a pre-made slime that's ready to play—no glue or activator needed. It’s safe, nontoxic formula makes it great for kids!

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    Slime Kits

    Making your own slimy creations is easy with this Elmer's Slime Kits. The kits contain Elmer's Glue and Magical Liquid Slime Activators so you can mix and match and discover new slime combinations.

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    Elmer's Favorite Slime Recipes

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