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Every team is unique, which requires unique ways of working together. Check out our solutions designed to help teams channel their unique skills toward successful outcomes, no matter how complex the project.

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Post-it® Teamwork Solutions

It is an amazing feeling when your team just clicks – everyone feels a shared drive toward success. Great teams need the energy that comes when every team member is giving the best of themselves towards a shared goal doing the best work possible. Check out these solutions to gain the most from your team.

SWOT Analysis Method
Weighing the good against the bad.

SWOT Analysis can work for almost anything — a business plan, a project, an idea or even a candidate for a job — and can be used by individuals (or, better yet, small teams) to get different perspectives and make informed decisions. Follow this approach to get started or create a variation that suits your needs.

Brainstorming Method
Transform breakthrough ideas into actions

Brainstorms are a great way to generate lots of ideas in a short period of time. But how do you go about capturing those sparks and turning ideas into actions? With Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface, you can keep your team inspired and moving forward long after the brainstorm is over.

Agile Scrum Method
Keeping everyone on the same page

Have a group assignment with tons of moving parts and pieces? Follow along as we show how the Agile/Scrum Model can simplify group work - with help from FIRST®.

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