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At Officeworks, we’re passionate about ensuring every child has equal access to their education. Find out more about our commitment to The Smith Family below.

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What THEY do

The Smith Family is a national children’s education charity with a vision of a world where every child has the opportunity to change their future, no matter what their circumstances.
With the support from Officeworks and its customers, The Smith Family works with young Australians to overcome educational inequality caused by poverty – so they can thrive now and into their futures.


What WE do

Since the Officeworks Back to School Appeal began eleven years ago, we have raised more than $8m, which is enough to support the education of more than 12,000 students on The Smith Family's core Learning for Life scholarship program for an entire year.
We’re passionate about ensuring every child in Australia can make the most of their education, no matter what their circumstances are.

Find out more on how we’re committed to help 30,000 Australian students who need it most by 2025.


What YOU can do

Donate to our Back to School Appeal today to provide educational support for students who need it most.

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