Keeping younger kids within arm’s reach.

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SPACETALK® is an all-in-one smart watch, phone and GPS device for children. Australian designed and developed, SPACETALK is secure with no open access to the Internet or social media making it a safe and responsible mobile phone for children that is also school friendly. The accompanying Spacetalk Parent app allows you to manage who your child can/can’t contact with a safe contact list. You can also set up Safe Zones and disable features during school hours with School Mode for distraction-free learning.

You manage their contacts, a GPS tracker ensures you always know where they are and an SOS button means you’re in immediate reach if they need help. And that’s just the start.

No internet = No social media
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3G Phone

Make and receive calls to parent-authorised contacts

School Mode

Silence Spacetalk during class to prevent distraction

No Social Media

No internet access means no access to social media

SOS Alerts

A dedicated SOS button can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians (and even local emergency services)

  • Location on

  • SMS

  • Step

  • Reward

+ so much more

There are two sides to our safety-first smartwatches.

  1. The device. A smartwatch with calling, messaging, age-appropriate features and safety tools.
  2. The app. Where parents manage their child’s smartwatch or family members can oversee an older parent’s wellbeing.