Student Laptop
Buying Guide

The Best Laptops For Students

Laptops are now an essential item for most high school students around Australia. With so many different laptops to choose from, finding the best laptop for your child can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created a student laptop buying guide to take the guesswork out of buying a laptop for school.

Check your school’s laptop requirements

If your child’s school has a Bring Your Own Device policy, they would have provided you with a list of suggested brands and models, as well as minimum spec requirements, for any laptop to use at school. Learn what to consider when buying a laptop for school below.

Important Features

Laptop Specs Explained

There are three main specs you need to look out for when choosing a laptop for school as they each impact the computer’s performance in different ways.

  • The processor (CPU) - the processor is like the “brain” of the computer. A more powerful processor means a faster computer speed and the ability to do more intensive tasks. Students reading, browsing and playing simple games or apps need beginner or intermediate performance. Students planning complex assignments, video editing and 3D gaming usually need a more powerful processor with advanced performance.
  • The memory - The more memory your child’s computer has, the more its processor can do at any one time. More memory means your child will be able to multi-task effectively while running more intensive programs.
  • The storage - the hard drive is where all your child’s files will be stored, so the amount of storage space will determine how much data can be saved to the device. Remember, you can easily increase storage space by connecting an external hard drive via a USB port.

Other important laptop features to consider

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Operating System

Many schools run Windows-based programs, so it’s essential to check the operating system of the laptop you want to buy and choose one that is compatible with your software. Compatibility is essential for classroom collaboration and homework.

  • Apple laptops (MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) run with macOS. As an additional extra, they can be configured to run Windows.

  • Chromebooks only run on the Linux-based Chrome operating system (which means they are not directly compatible with Windows or Mac).

  • Tablets come in a range of operating systems, including Apple macOS (iPad), Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab and Lenovo), and Windows (Microsoft Surface and Dell).
  • Battery Life

    You’ll want at least six hours to get through the school day without having to charge. Devices fitted with the latest Intel energy-efficient Generation Core™ processors can stretch battery life, so keep your eye out for those.

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    WiFi Connectivity

    To be sure your child can connect to the school wireless network you’ll need “Dual Band WiFi”. This is also useful outside of school as it makes it easier to connect to other WiFi networks. Our Back to School approved laptops have been pre-selected to ensure they all contain Dual Band WiFi.


    Consider how the laptop will be transported to and from school. If it is kept in your child’s backpack, you need to make sure it can fit. You should also assess the weight of the laptop to make sure it will be light enough to carry every day.

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    A laptop is an investment, and you want to make sure it will last throughout your child’s schooling years. Consider how they might be using their laptop as they progress through school. Will they be pursuing design, media or music electives, or maybe they will explore IT subjects? If so, they may need a different type of laptop to the one they had earlier in their school life.

    Our Best Student Laptops For Back To School

    Essential Accessories

    Shop laptop accessories

    Now that you’ve found the right laptop for school, discover the accessories you’ll need to get the best out of your new laptop.

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    Laptop Security Software

    Don’t let your new computer be used without installing internet security software. Avoid viruses down the line and keep your device secure while browsing the web with antivirus and security software.

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    Laptop Bags & Sleeves

    Use a laptop bag or sleeve to keep your child’s laptop protected when they travel to and from school. They’ll be able to keep their chargers in their too and won’t add any extra weight to their already full school bag.

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    Creative Software

    Expand the storage capacity of your child’s laptop with an external hard drive and use it to back up their schoolwork too. USB sticks can be used to transfer files from devices – handy when working on group assignments.

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    Hard Drives & Data Storage

    Expand the storage capacity of your child’s laptop with an external hard drive and use it to back up their schoolwork too. USB sticks can be used to transfer files from devices – handy when working on group assignments.

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