Shredders Buying Guide

Privacy has never held greater importance than it has right now. To ensure your sensitive and secure documents remain that way, a shredder is the perfect tool. To narrow down your selection, browse the helpful Shredder Buying Guide by Officeworks.

Shredders buying guide

Home shredder

Home Shredders

These compact shredders are best suited to occasional shredding. They are ideal for keeping your home office clean and tidy.

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Office Shredder

Small Office Shredders

Ideal for moderate shredding needs in the home or small office. These shredders range from strip cut to micro cut and are designed to save you time and money.

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Business Shredder

Business Shredders

These shredders are ideal for destroying large amounts of information quickly. They can run continuously and shred more than just paper.

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Shredder Types

The cutting style is one of the main things to consider when selecting a new shredder.

Strip-cut Shredders

Strip-cut shredders are your basic form of security. They will cut your paper into long, vertical strips. Strip-cut shredders are suitable for shredding non-sensitive information.

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Cross-cut Shredders

Cross-cut shredders cut the paper into smaller, harder to reassemble pieces. These shredders are best for shredding sensitive personal information.

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Micro-cut Shredders

Micro-cut shredders offer the most secure cutting style, shredding paper into tiny pieces. They are ideal for shredding confidential information.

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Shredder Security Level

Besides cutting style, you can also select a shredder based on the level of security it offers. Paper shredders are classified from P1 to P7, with higher numbers indicating higher security.

Low Security

Shredders with a security level of P1 or P2 are perfect for basic day-to-day use in your home or workspace. They can be used to shred non-sensitive data, everyday files and general documents including invoices, printouts and photocopies. They’re also suitable for paper volume reduction and large scale paper recycling schemes such as disposing of newspapers, phone books and junk mail.


Medium Security

Shredders with a security level of P3 are the most commonly used and popular for destroying health-related data. They’re suitable for destroying sensitive and confidential data in the workplace and personal information at home including old tax returns, cancelled cheques and other private data.


High Security

Starting at a security level of P4, these shredders are ideal for destroying very sensitive and confidential corporate or personal data. As each level increases in security, the P5 and P6 shredders are more capable of destroying secret documents relating to personal livelihoods and information relating to a company’s existence. A shredder with a level of P7 offers ultra-high security and has been approved for use by government and military groups, meaning it’s suitable for the destruction of highly classified and top secret information.


Key Features

Auto Feed

Auto feed shredders allow you to spend less time shredding. Simply load the automatic feed with paper and leave it to do the shredding for you.

Sheet Capacity

The sheet capacity of a shredder indicates how many sheets can be shredded at one time. The larger the sheet capacity, the more pages you can shred at a time. Selecting a shredder with a large sheet capacity will save you time.

Bin Capacity

Bin capacity indicates the capacity of the shredder waste bin. Choose a shredder with a larger bin size if you shred a large volume of paper.

Run Time

Run time denotes the maximum time which the shredder can be in continuous use (on time) and the cooling off period (off time). Some shredders have continuous shredding, where the shredder can be in continuous use without a cooling off period.

Cut Types

Cut type directly relates to the level of security required. For non-sensitive information, strip cut shredders will suffice. Cross cut shredders are best for shredding personal information, while micro cut shredders are ideal for shredding confidential information.


While all shredders will take care of paper, you may want to shred other things such as staples, paper clips, credit cards and CD/DVDs.



Shredder Oil

Keep your shredder working efficiently and free of wear and tear with shredder oil.

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Shredder Bags

Keep your shredded paper neat and tidy with a selection of shredder bags.

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