Your Back To
School Checklist

Looking to get organised for back to school 2021? Our back to school checklist will help you prepare. Officeworks has a wide range of school supplies, stationery and back to student tech products to help your child get ready for the new school year. Whether you have a child in primary school or high school, or a teacher looking to buy teachers’ resources, you’ll find the best school supplies for back to school time at Officeworks!

When is back to school 2021?

Your back to school dates will vary depending on the state you live in. Please be aware that COVID may affect these dates.

  • Victoria – 27th January (28th January for students in government schools)
  • New South Wales – 27th January
  • South Australia – 27th January
  • Queensland – 27th January
  • Canberra – 2nd February for continuing students, 1st February for new students
  • Northern Territory – 1st February for urban schools, 2nd February for remote schools
  • Western Australia – 1st February
  • Tasmania – 3rd February
How to shop for Back to School

School list shopping

We know that shopping for Back to School can be time-consuming and difficult, that is why we’ve made it easier to shop your school supplies online – do it yourself or let us do it for you!

School List Service

Did you know that parents are saving on average 25% on their school list prices when shopping with Officeworks. Put your child’s 2021 school list to the test and discover low prices on school supplies. Simply upload your school list and we’ll match the items with ones from Officeworks. We’ll show you how much you can save and then you can place the order and Click & Collect it from your local store. You’ll save with our Parents’ Price Promise and can choose any way to pay.

Shop your way

Want to shop for your school supplies yourself? We’ve curated all the school supplies you need so you can shop everything in the one place. All you have to do is choose your child’s state and grade, and you can use one of our pre-built school list templates to do your own back to school shopping. Best of all, you can have your school supplies delivered straight to your door!

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School Supplies List

Essential School Supplies

Don’t forget to include these back to school items in your child’s school supplies list.

school hygiene

School Hygiene

Keep your kids healthy and safe when going back to school by giving them their own hand sanitiser and mask. You’ll be helping to reduce the spread of germs while also teaching your children the importance of hand washing, sanitising and covering your face if you cough or sneeze. You can also help them keep track of their belongings with our range of kids labels.

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Lunch Boxes, Drink Bottles & Backpacks

Reduce the need for plastic bottles and plastic wrap with these colourful kids lunch boxes and drink bottles. Choose from a wide range of different sizes and shapes to fit into your child’s school backpack and don’t forget the reusable ice packs to keep their lunch and snacks fresh! You can also find the perfect backpack to store all of your child’s school supplies in.

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lunch boxes


Keep the classroom well stocked with paper for printing and drawing by buying a large pack of paper. We also have a large range of coloured paper for getting creative in the classroom. Look out for the FSC logo on paper packs so you know you’re choosing responsibly sourced paper. All J.Burrows paper contributes to our Restoring Australia initiative in which we will plant 2 trees for every 1 used, based on the weight of paper-based products that customers buy at Officeworks.

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Kids’ Stationery Top Ups

Be prepared for those mid-year top-ups with our range of Studymate school supplies, the brand of choice for parents this back to school time. Studymate products are high-quality, durable and designed for the classroom. You’ll find all your essential school items like glue sticks, exercise books, coloured pencils and more so you can be ready for school all year round!

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top ups
BYOD tech for students

Tech in the classroom

Technology is now an integral part of learning so it’s important to make sure students are prepared with the right technology to participate and learn at school.

What does BYOD mean?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and refers to students bringing their own laptops or tablets to school rather than using school technology. Teaching students how to use technology properly and responsibly is an important part of the BYOD program especially as most jobs require a high proficiency in computer use.

If your school has a BYOD policy, they will likely provide you with a list of requirements that your child’s device will need to have. These include:

6 hours+ battery life

6 hours+ battery life

Less than 1.6 kg

Less than 1.6 kg

Dual-band Wi-Fi

Dual-band Wi-Fi

Minimum 10 Screen

Minimum 10" Screen

The type of device you need also depends on the grade your child is in.

Primary School

In primary school, students begin developing digital literacy skills while having fun. Tablets with stylus pens are an excellent introductory device to let primary school students explore their creativity and enjoy discovering new ways of learning online.

High School

In high school, students start to choose subjects specific to their interests and require a device that caters to them. Laptops and tablets that can be used to create art, make music, write code and run apps are essential for high school students as they develop their digital


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Officeworks has made it easy for you to select the right device for your child's education.

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Don’t forget about these essential tech items for students

Learning at Home

Educate & create

We know that for kids, the learning never stops. You can keep their minds active when they’re at home with the range of cool kids’ products at Officeworks.

student furniture

Student Furniture

Every child needs a place to learn and play at home, so why not explore our range of kid’s furniture and student furniture. You can create a reading corner. with bookcases or cube storage and add kids tables and chairs to give them more room for fun activities. If you have older children, a desk and office chair is essential for giving them a dedicated spot to do their homework, assignments or just to study.

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM-based resources and toys can include building and controlling robotics, investigating coding, exploring scientific experiments, and more. Through these activities, children learn concepts based on mathematics and science, as well as critical thinking, comprehension, and problem-solving skills. They are a great way to help your children learn these subjects while also having fun!

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stem toys
educational toys games

Educational Toys & Games

Make learning fun by providing your kids with educational toys and games. These won’t just entertain your kids, but are important for building essential skills like problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, comprehension, public speaking, and fine motor skills. Furthermore, playing with educational toys and games can help children discover their independence and grow their self-esteem, as well as work well in teams.

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