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In this current climate, a good customer experience is more important than ever. By upgrading and fitting out your retail business and storefront, you can create a modernised experience for anyone who walks through.





What to consider when purchasing equipment for your retail store

When acquiring new equipment for your retail store, you want to consider the tools needed to create a streamlined and safe space. You can acquire hardware such as card readers with fraud prevention, consumables to give your customers receipts, accounting software to streamline your finances, hygiene equipment for safety, marketing items to promote your offers, and more to make life easier for you and your patrons.

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Retail Supplies at Officeworks

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POS Hardware

POS Hardware

POS Hardware is the category where you can acquire the equipment needed to modernise your work environment. This way, you can manage the purchases of your customers in an easy, friendly way. POS Hardware includes products such as:

  • Credit card readers - Using products like the Square Register,Square Terminal and Square Reader, you can take chip, contactless, and e-payments, increasing the ways you can provide your customers what they need.
  • Cash registers & drawers - These are essential for handling cash from your customers and managing all your daily sales and flow in a simple, yet effective way. Features can include slots for SD cards that allow you to back up your programs, battery backups instead of power failure, and lockable draws to keep money safe.
  • Barcode scanners - These are great for managing your products and having a digital record of all your stock
  • Receipt printers - Using a receipt printer, you can give a physical record of a sale to your customers for a peace of mind and convenience.
  • iPad stands & POS accessories - This category includes mounted stands for your iPad that secure and swivel, as well as other items for streamlining your work setup.
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POS Consumables

POS consumables are ideal items for managing your work setup now that you’re equipped with hardware. This category is made up of different sizes and styles of register rolls, so you can stay stocked up with paper to give your customers receipts. This way, you can give the physical records of a sale to your customers as they leave, allowing them to easily do their taxes, have proof of purchase in case of any questions, and give a general sense of peace of mind and convenience.


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Pos Consumables
Shop Signage

Shop Signage

With a streamlined work setup established, now it’s time to promote your business messaging. You can do this with shop signage, which ensures that your vision and retail goals are at the forefront when customers walk in. Officeworks provide a variety of different signage options for your benefit, with pre-printed options for convenience, and customizable options for personalisation. These include:

  • Pull-up banners and exhibition stands for free-standing, eye-grabbing, and transportable promotion options, so you can showcase your brand in store and on the road.
  • Landscape banners and flags for creating further brand awareness.
  • Frames for showcasing your imagery in a high-quality manner.
  • Boards and signs so you can promote messages about your brand, guidelines, safety, and more. These come in both pre-printed and customizable options.
  • Adhesives for showcasing messaging in unique, easy ways.
  • Outdoor signage for showcasing your brand outside your storefront.

You can also modernise your workplace with digital signage, adding technology to your aesthetic. You can view our range here.

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Marketing Materials

Not only do we have signage to promote your business messaging, we have a large selection of marketing materials that can enhance your advertising and put your vision into the hands of customers.

The variety of marketing materials we provide here at Officeworks means you can promote in your own way. You can go with flyers to put your messaging in customers’ hands, wall calendars that provide advertisement and convenience, car magnets for marketing on the go, brochures so you can hand out detailed information, coasters for fun personalised merchandise, and more. You can enhance these materials with your own business design, or our team of graphic designers can help you out in your expression for your vision.

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Marketing Materials
Hygiene & Safety Equipment

Hygiene & Safety Equipment

When modernising your retail storefront, you want to ensure that you have created a safe and clean place. This is where hygiene and safety equipment come into play, as these types of products allow you to keep yourself, your staff, and your customers protected, ensuring everyone has a peace of mind. These products include:

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Merchandising Equipment

Merchandising equipment is what you use to complete your store setup, allowing you to streamline your space to its best potential. These items may seem like small factors initially but play a large part in the growing customer experience of your business.

Merchandising equipment includes products like brochure holders and stands so you can have information about your store easily accessible, merchandise displays to showcase your messaging, shelf presentation for promoting specials and hanging up products, and tickets, bells, and table number solutions to make everything basic and accessible for customers inside your store.

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Merchandising Equipment
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Your Business Hub

Whether you work in an educational environment, hospitality, from home, in an office, or anywhere else, Officeworks has the essentials you need the to stay productive, comfortable and safe. Check out Your Business Hub here.


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