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Looking to enhance brand awareness, promote your latest offer, or to simply help your customers know where to go?

Bringing some extra signage into your business or classroom doesn’t have to always mean more printing. For those who are looking for something extra dynamic and responsive, it’s hard to go past digital signage options.


Whether you want something to help make impactful presentations in your meeting room, or to show off specials in your café or restaurant, digital signage makes it easy to get started and to renew your signage whenever you like without added printing costs.


Digital signage displays can even be used in the classroom, helping teachers and students engage with their learning in new and interactive ways.



Useful Information

What is a digital signage display?

A digital signage display is a way to show off extra advertising, display your menu or service offering creatively, and cultivate a dynamic space that you can change as much as you need it to. It can take the form of a TV wall display, a digital kiosk, or even a touchscreen kiosk. You can even link multiple displays in different locations, changing them all at once or individually. It’s a solution that’s as flexible as you need it to be? But that’s not all!



What do you need to use digital signage in your business?

It might seem like you need a screen, your content, and a place to put your signage. But you also need a strategy. But don’t panic – it can be simple. All you must do is this: Before considering the options below, keep in mind what you want to achieve with your signage and let that help you decide which solution is best for you. The signage options have plenty of easy-to-customize templates to get you started right away. And once you’ve published your signage and make it easy to make changes whenever you need. So, all you really need is an idea of what you want to say, and the rest will be taken care of.



How to choose the right digital display or display screen location?

Choosing the right place for your signage will help you get the most return on your marketing. Picking high traffic areas, setting them at eye level and picking eye-catching visuals will increase your chances of converting new customers or upselling existing ones. In terms of where you place your signage, make sure the intent matches the location. Using signage at the entrance of your business is best for drawing customers and clients in. Signage within your business should generally be to help customers make their purchasing decisions, whether it be based on your special offers that you display, or simply just showing off your list of services. In public places, you might want to focus on visuals promoting brand awareness.



Our Categories

What are the different types of digital display screens?

With your choice of Smart TVs, Display and Touchscreen Kiosks and Interactive Displays, you have plenty of options to bring your big ideas to life.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are truly versatile – a great option for commercial spaces, menus, and even for your board room.  Essentially, they offer all the functions of your regular TV, but with They can be used for all the things you’d usually use a TV for, and even for displaying branding while you play your existing TV – perfect for waiting rooms, gyms, and reception areas.

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Touchscreen TVs

Touchscreen TVs make a fantastic addition to your classroom or meeting room setup. These interactive screens allow you to navigate through both signage and presentation options, or just explain a process or tutorial. These include options like the Samsung Flip TV range, which are interactive displays that allow you to work with and collaborate, with a screen that you can write on, in pen and brush mode. It features an inbuilt web browser. Creative collaborative mindmaps or posting notes that can be saved and shared later – making it an excellent addition to any classroom environment.

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Touchscreen TVs
Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks

A display kiosk is a large-format, freestanding signage option that incorporates the best of both analogue and digital. Like print media, it can give you stunning colour, high definition, and show off your branding, but with its digital capabilities, it can be programmed to bring your messages to life.


If you have advertising, announcements, or safety information you need to convey in a clear, eye-catching manner, a display kiosk is a great choice. Their large format and their easy-to-alter content make them a highly flexible option.  With control over formatting, timing, and more, you can create something that reflects your needs. It’s suitable for retail centres, entertainment venues, hospitality and more.

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Touchscreen Kiosks

Freestanding touchscreen kiosks are a way to add interactive information and advertising to your space. They offer many of the benefits of display kiosks – including high-quality, crisp visuals – but with the added benefit of responsiveness. You can build an interactive directory, an information centre, or a creative way for customers to redeem offers into your signage. This engaging strategy helps bring consumers closer to your products, services, and business, and is a truly immersive choice for your signage.


Do you want to start engaging with your customers with digital signage solutions? Discover the range of digital signage and display screens at Officeworks.


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Touchscreen Kiosks
Helpful Tips


Getting your signage up and running is simple with the help of user-friendly Cybercast technology.

Cybercast, is a subscription-based platform used in JVL displays, allows you to set up your branding, your creative, and get it up on the big screen quickly. Mandoe is another subscription-based platform that allows you to utilize existing digital signage you might have. For Samsung devices, Samsung offer a pre-installed, non-subscription-based platform called  Business TV, that adds even more mobile functionality, so you can quickly alter your signage on the go.

Each of these platforms allow you the freedom to change the timing and scheduling for your signage, so you can make your messaged relevant to the time of day. Think breakfast menu before 11, then lunch menu automatically displayed at 12!


You can even add branding banners while your display plays regular TV shows, keeping you front of mind round the clock.






So, you know you need a screen. But the kind of screen will strongly influence how your audience interacts with you and your message. Our range encompasses both touchscreen, display screen, and Smart TV products, so you can pick one that fits your message and your audience. 

But what if you’ve already got a screen you want to utilize, there’s an easy plug-and-play option. A Mandoe box allows you to easily generate signage with templates and easy editing from your smart device or computer. It’s perfect for those businesses who already have a screen they’d like to repurpose.



Touchscreen TVs


Smart TVs

Content Management

It’s time to think about the intent behind your signage. Do you want menus to display, perhaps directions, special offers, or to make the most of your shopfront? The content is the key to your communication, and luckily, there are plenty of solutions within digital signage to make creating and displaying content easy.

From everything from a display that automatically cycles through properties for sale at a real estate agency, to the price list for your specialty burgers or hair salon services, it’s easy to find something that aligns with your communication strategy.

Of course, digital signage solutions can also bring a new dimension to classroom learning – allowing you to add interactive digital content to your lesson plans: creating mind maps, having students annotate the display from their own devices, and more.




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