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The Ultimate Craft & Play Timetable: 14 Activities for 14 Days


| April 10, 2020

This two-week timetable of the best DIY art and craft projects for young children covers everything from paper snowflakes to bunny ears to keep kids busy.

Art, craft & play timetable for kids

With kids remote schooling and parents working from home, life has become hectic. Grab some space, sanity and structure back with this 14-day kids’ creative schedule, bursting with the best and brightest activities. Download the PDF and plan out two weeks full of activities, including a top coding course for learning STEM skills, making bunny ears for the school’s virtual Easter Hat Parade and a scavenger hunt. It’s a creative timetable of easy, DIY art and craft projects young children will love.

Learn Their ABCs with Playdough

Playdough activity for kids

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, which can be daunting for young children. Ease kids into the land of letters with a simple yet effective hands-on introduction using playdough, repetition – and a lot of laughs. See more fun ways to use playdough for learning.

Turn Pegs into People

Peg people art and craft project

Get as complicated as you want with this timeless art and craft project, which is perfect for beginners and those with limitless imaginations. After turning wooden dolly pegs into people, ask older children to write a play they can get their new friends to act out for you. Learn how to make peg people and discover more clever craft projects to make at home..

Pop on Cardboard Bunny Ears

Easter bunny ears craft project

There’s no reason kids need to miss the Easter Hat Parade this year. Let children join the school parade remotely from the living room or show off their creations to family members in the backyard. These simple bunny ears are fast to make (find out how here) and great for young children who like to see their Easter craft masterpieces come to life quickly. Take a look at more fun Easter craft ideas.

Cut Out Delicate Paper Snowflakes

Paper craft idea: snowflakes

Requiring fine motor skills, patience and imagination, this easy paper craft activity involves folding, cutting and then a little bit of magic when the intricate final work of art is unveiled. Kids love this paper cutting project so it’s one to rotate on the arts and craft timetable and is just one of many fun craft ideas.

Create Flags with Playdough

Craft activity: learn flags with playdough

Take young children around the world and back home again by creating flags of different nations (hint: maybe start with a simple design such as the Japanese flag). It’s geography, art, craft and fun all in one session. There are so many things to learn with playdough.

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Make a Popsicle Stick Frame

Easy DIY project for kids: photo frame

This easy DIY project for kids can spread out over two sessions: the first being choosing a couple photographs that have special meaning from a family album. Then it’s time to make a frame so kids can display their chosen family photo and look at it whenever they like. And there are lots more creative ideas where that came from.

Style an Egg-tastic Headband

Easter hat craft ideas

It’s the season for Easter hat creations and kids will love being able to continue doing at home the art and craft projects they would have created at school or preschool. The best thing is, after Easter, headbands of any variety (think crowns and superheroes) can easily be made following the same principles.

Travel to Art Museums Around the World

Indoor play activity

This fun indoor play activity will actually get your little ones sitting still! They may be sitting at the dining room table but they can still discover the wonders of the art world with Artsology – an online portal of investigations and games that will teach them about art history. See more kids learning activities for more guilt-free screen time.

Fold a Paper Flower Crown

Kids craft activity: flower crown

Using paper, pipe cleaners and a plan this is a calming DIY craft activity for kids and adults alike. The end result may look pretty but getting there requires perseverance and vision. Find out how to create this and more cool headwear.

Paint a Jumbo Canvas

Outdoor kids activity: paint on canvas

Perfect for young children who like to make a statement, these huge works of art will delight little ones due to their scale and the countless masterpieces that can be made with fingers, a brush and some paint. Learn why painting is good for kids and how to create a great painting kit.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Kids outdoor activity: scavenger hunt

This does require some up-front effort from parents but it’s worth it to see the sheer delight when the mission of collecting everything on the list is accomplished. And it’s one of many clever ways to keep kids busy while you work.

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Spend Time Learning Coding

Play activity: Help kids code

Screen time need not be the enemy if you find online activities that help young children learn – and even better if it’s a timetabled activity they’ll look forward to. Give little ones a taste of coding with Lightbot: Code Hour and watch them learn the basics of coding as they engage with fun puzzles and games. Find more guilt-free screen ideas for kids.

Create a Playdough Clock

Craft and play activity: learn to tell the time

What’s the time Mr Wolf? Help kids learn to tell the time on an analogue clock face with this art and craft-focused playdough activity that requires skill, is interactive and will result in lots of timely questions.

Build a Bug Maze

Outdoor play activity: bug maze

There are bugs in even the smallest backyards and kids will rise to the challenge of this activity that melds explorer, inventor and scientist. Young children will learn alot about the natural world, too. Yet another great idea to keep kids entertained if you’re working from home!

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