Help your children continue their learning journey outside the classroom with educational tips, tools and toys to develop their interpersonal skills, foster their imagination and help them grow. No matter if you have a toddler, primary school or high school aged child, you’ll find resources to help them learn at home on Noteworthy.

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5 STEM Arts and Crafts Activities to Do With Your Kids

Get your kids thinking, making and learning with these STEM arts and crafts projects that teach essential skills.


Easy DIY Sensory Play: Sand Alphabet Hunt

There’s more to sensory play than just having fun – it can also nurture your child’s cognitive growth. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?


Essential Second Semester School Supplies

It’s that time of year when much-loved stationery and school supplies might need replacing. This list will help you take stock of the school items your kids may need for term 3.


Easy DIY Sensory Play: Slime Time!

Try this fun messy play sensory activity, perfect for keeping kids entertained while boosting their cognitive development.


3 Creative Kids’ Activities to Try at Home

Discover how creative kids’ activities like painting, pretend play and science experiments can help to grow their communication and critical thinking skills.


3 Boredom-Busting DIY Construction Activities for Kids

Engage young minds with these STEM construction activities that you can do in an hour, an afternoon or across a weekend.


DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Day

Simple and thoughtful; fun and easy. These special DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas will show her just how much she means.


16 Fun Easter Hat Craft Ideas

From feathers and puffy paint to pipe cleaners and more, crafting sparks creativity, and what better time to DIY than with an Easter hat.


The Ultimate Craft & Play Timetable: 14 Activities for 14 Days

This two-week timetable of the best DIY crafts for kids covers everything from paper plate lions and playdough to coding and more.


Everything You Need to Know About NAPLAN

It’s almost NAPLAN test time again. Here’s all you need to know, including NAPLAN 2024 dates and details about NAPLAN practice tests and past papers.


The Must-Have Back to Uni Essentials

Not sure which items to fill your uni backpack with when you head back to campus? One student reveals their uni essentials, from stationery to tech.


Creating Brighter Futures Through Education With The Smith Family

Officeworks and The Smith Family band together for the 11th Officeworks Back to School Appeal, which supports students on The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program.

The Smith Family and Officeworks: a Life-Changing Partnership

Discover how The Smith Family and Officeworks work together in a special partnership to help children in need create a bright future for themselves.


Boredom Box Activities for Kids: Things to Do When They’re Bored

The best crafty ideas for things for kids to do when they are bored, from preschoolers to tweens: simply fill an old box with these fun activities.

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