Working from home has many benefits, but sometimes even a dedicated workspace can get swallowed by the daily clutter build-up. If you’ve lost your desk under mess, stylist Kylie Jackes shares her top tips for reclaiming the space on a budget. These modern home office ideas will help you makeover your zone and get your office furniture, storage and accessories working for you.

A Home Office Makeover Starts With Assessing Your Needs

Consider how you want to use the workspace and which tweaks will make the most of what you have. Will repositioning your existing home office furniture, such as a desk, drawers and any storage items, make the space more inviting? Could the zone benefit from shelving and hanging organisers, or do you want to simplify the space by relocating items you don’t use daily, such as books or a printer

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Boost Your Home Office Storage Options

To maintain a work-worthy desktop, ensure there’s easily accessible storage with a spot for everything. Desktop storage solutions, such as labelled pull-out drawers, trays and magazine holders, encourage effortless organisation. Corral pens in a pretty container, group small items in a decorative tray and stick to just the essentials to make sure your office furniture doesn’t become overcrowded.

Hot Tip: Be true to your personal style and choose what you love, rather than what’s simply on-trend. 

Coordinate Colour for an Easy Office Decor Win

If your home office was thrown together with mismatched supplies sourced from around the house (or borrowed from the office…), start fresh with a clear colour palette – it’s one of the easiest office design ideas to achieve on a budget. Choose a cohesive scheme that brings you joy, whether it’s soft pastels, earthy shades or tonal variations of your favourite hue. It’s possible to inexpensively coordinate everything, from your mousepad and binders through to your stapler and notebooks. The effect is striking and sophisticated.

Hot Tip: If you’re colour shy, stick to neutral foundations and introduce accent colour through your desktop accessories and stationery

What To Try 

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Make Sure You Have Adequate Lighting

Natural light is a plus in any home office, but it’s also important to add task lighting to illuminate the area for day and night. An angled, height-adjustable desk lamp you can position alongside a computer monitor is a great option. 

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Blend Form and Function

Your desktop layout is as important as the pieces you choose. As a general ergonomic guide, place your monitor roughly arm’s length from you and set the middle of the screen at eye height. If your laptop needs a lift, lose the piles of books you’re using to prop it up and opt for a laptop stand or riser with a drawer for added functionality. 

A slimline wireless keyboard and mouse are also handy as you can position them where they feel the most comfortable (aim for about 10 to 15 centimetres from the edge of your desk). To avoid repetitive over-stretching across your office furniture, keep regularly used items, such as files, pens and your phone, within easy reach.

Hot Tip: Select pieces that play a decorative role in your scheme and also serve a purpose; for example, a stylish laptop riser.

What To Try 

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Introduce Greenery to Your Home Office Decor

For a quick and easy home office makeover idea, add greenery to immediately transform the space. Not only does it boost the overall aesthetic of your workspace, but it’s been shown to boost creativity, productivity and reduce stress. For ease of care, look for low-maintenance varieties suited to the light level in your space, pillage your garden for lush long-lasting foliage you can display in a vase with water or go for artificial plants that require nothing but an occasional dust.

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What To Try 

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