Binding Machines Buying Guide

A professionally bound document takes your presentation to the next level, while protecting it from the demands of daily use. Our buying guide will help you navigate through our wide range of binding machines to find the right one for your needs.


Types of Binding Styles

When selecting your binding machine, consider the types of binding styles. Different binding styles are suitable for different applications.

Plastic Comb Binding

This is the most popular binding solution and perfect for presentations. Comb binding is a flexible and cost-effective way to bind any document up to 500 pages. It’s easy to use - pages lie flat and can be easily added or removed as required. This type of binding is best for frequently handled documents.

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Wire Binding

Wire binding gives your documents a stylish, top-quality finish that is permanent and secure. Wire binding creates impressive documents for the home or office. Pages lie flat and bound documents rotate 360 degrees for easy viewing. Wire binding is non-modifiable, so you won’t be able to add or remove pages once you’re done.

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Thermal Binding

Thermal binding gives your documents a smooth, book-like finish. This type of binding is ideal for reports and proposals. Suitable for heavy and frequent use, thermal binders are quick and can bind up to 600 sheets.

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Binding Frequency

To narrow your selection, identify how often you’ll be binding.


Ideal for home or small office users that need to bind documents no larger than 150 pages a few times a month.

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Ideal for small and medium office users that need to bind documents no larger than 300 pages a few times a week.

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Ideal for large office users that need to bind large volume of documents on a daily basis.

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Manual vs Electric Punching

You can choose between manual or electric punch binding machines.

Manual Punching

Manual binding machines use a lever-style or U-shaped handle to punch through paper. U-shape handles that connect on both sides of the machine are easy to grab and make punching very easy, making it suitable for right and left-handed people.

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Electric Punching

Electric binding machines make it easy to punch through thick documents or large quantities of documents quickly, providing ultimate ease of use. Electric binding machines are very convenient and ideal for medium to high volume binding.

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Explore our wide range of binding supplies and accessories. Specially-chosen colours and covers will make your documents stand out and create a great first impression.

Plastic Binding Combs

Browse through our wide range of plastic binding combs for presentations, reports and projects.

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Wire Binding Combs

Bind your documents securely with our range of wire binding combs.

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Binding Covers

Protect your bound documents with our range of stylish binding covers.

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Thermal Binding Covers

These covers are ideal for adding a professional finishing touch to your thermal bound documents.

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