Quiz: What type of business leader are you?

 Whether you’re born a true leader or you have to work hard to develop leadership skills, leading a team may not be one of the first things on your mind when starting a business. It’s likely that what you’re focusing on is the end game, the product you’re creating or the service you’re providing.

However, as your business gets off the ground and starts to expand, you will find you’re not only leading a business but also a team of employees. People leadership can be a challenge for new small business owners, and it’s important to understand what kind of leader you are and how you can inspire and motivate your team to deliver the best outcomes.

While there are many types of leadership styles, small business consultant and marketing expert Linda Hailey, who has worked with Australian business owners over the last 20 years, confirms that accidental leaders are common in the small business world.

“Rapid growth can mean a business owner suddenly needs to show leadership for a large team,” she says. “I remember during the mining boom, a small contractor picked up a contract from a major mining company, and went from being on the tools to managing a turnover of 30 million dollars and 40 staff, ranging from admin staff to engineers.”

Perhaps you’re a visionary leader, always looking at the big picture, or maybe you’re an agreeable leader, putting the people in your team first. Whatever type of business leader you are, to be effective you need to be able to share your vision and passion, and communicate clearly with your employees.

Take our quiz to discover your leadership style and the ways in which you can better grow your business and support your team.