Dinner parties are back in fashion, but not quite in the way you think. With new generations stepping into the role of host, casual get-togethers have replaced expensive silverware and elaborate menus. These days, hosting an event is about spending quality time with your friends, and that’s where the crafternoon comes in. Plan your next craft party with these top tips for what to create and how to host from digital creator and avid crafter, Dani Galvin.  

Why Host a Craft Party?

With the increasing cost of living on everyone’s mind, the affordability of staying in versus going out is a huge drawcard – but that’s not all. Recent studies show spending quality time with our friends and widening our social circles is actually great for our mental and physical health. “I feel like you get to actually spend quality time with your friends [when you host a night in],” says Dani. “Whenever we do any crafty or art afternoon, we always get to tell stories, we get to hang out, we get to catch up about what's been happening in our lives, but also be able to creatively do something that we don't normally do.”

Plus, with the mental health benefits of arts and crafts including helping to reduce anxiety and stress relief, adding a craft project to a night in is a great way to relax and reset.  

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Choosing a Craft Project for a Crafternoon

From planning a paint and sip for a hen’s night to making friendship bracelets for a concert; there are endless crafts to choose from. For her craft party, Dani went with photo collage. “Paper craft is a pretty universal thing for people to do. It’s a little less intimidating than some other crafts because most people, at some point in their lives, have cut things up or coloured things in, so it's an approachable craft for a lot of people,” she says.

How to Make a Photo Collage

Two images displaying a craft party setup and photo collage craft supplies, including photographs, ribbons, scissors, stickers and markers.

Once you’ve got the essentials sorted (photos, scissors and some glue), Dani recommends adding a personal touch to your piece. Grab anything from pearl gems, botanical stickers, ribbons and even bunting flags to make your collage art really pop. “There's not really any rules. Anything that you can glue down basically is fair game,” she says. 

Craft projects like collages aren’t just a DIY project, they’re a great way to head down memory lane with your friends and family. “Having all the photos was so fun. We got to speak about different moments in our lives so it was nice to look back and build on those experiences by retelling them and reliving them a little bit,” says Dani. 

A GIF series of Dani’s craft party: guests cutting and glueing photos and embellishments to create photo collages while chatting with each other.

To make your own collage art, start by cutting out and arranging your photos together on a piece of cardboard. Play around with different pictures and arrangements. Once you’re happy with your piece you can start glueing your image down. Made a mistake? “Nothing’s undoable,” says Dani. “You can stick a bunch down, then start again. Or stick stuff down, then rip them up, move them around or cover it up again. There’s not really any rules.”  

Dani’s Hosting Tip: Add a special touch to your party decor with thrifted pieces. “We love looking through op shops for tablecloths and napkins because you usually find super unique stuff,” says Dani.

What You'll Need:

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Other Activities for a Craft Party


Who knew a needle and some thread meant endless DIY projects? You can attempt anything from adding a personal touch to a tote bag to making a custom wall hanging for your home. An embroidery kit is a great way to get started, and it makes organising your craft party easier with the equipment in one pack. 

What You’ll Need:

Candle making

Add a sense of cosy ambience to your space by trying candle making as a DIY project for your next crafternoon. With just some wax and wicks, you and your friends can make your own candles, perfect for gifts or home decor. Plus, you can personalise them using coloured dye chips and fragrances.

What You’ll Need:

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Invite Your Friends to Your Crafternoon

A GIF series of Dani’s craft party including her table setting, featuring place cards and an instruction card, craft supplies and some drinking glasses and a jug.  

Make your guests feel extra special and welcome them to your crafternoon with a bespoke invitation. Create your own using design apps like Canva and print them out for posting or send them via social media or email. “For me, it starts with the invitation. It sets the scene of what people can expect,” says Dani. “When anyone gets an invitation, suddenly it feels more intentional or exciting and planned. The more effort you put into inviting people, the more people get excited by it.”

Use a craft party as an opportunity to meet new people, too, by asking your attendees to bring along a friend from a different circle. “It's a new element of socialisation and I think for adults it's really hard to make new friends sometimes,” says Dani. “When you invite one of your friends, and they invite someone that they love, it's really nice to get to know them as well.”

Dani’s Hosting Tip: Keep the guest list to 10 people max. “When you have too many people, especially as the host, it can kind of get lost a little bit.”

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Finishing Touches

A GIF series of Dani and guests at her craft party, showing off their completed photo collages.

For Dani, it’s the finer details that can make a big difference. “I love doing little touches; having little place cards for people, putting little ribbons on glasses. Those little touches make it personalised and ultimately make people feel like you've been thoughtful and intentional in what you've done and you've invited them for a reason.” 

End the evening on a sweet note and send your guests home with a party bag filled with treats and a few craft supplies, along with their finished craft, as a souvenir of the evening.

Dani’s Hosting Tip: “The vibe not only comes from the people you invite, but the sensory experiences, too. We usually chuck on our TV or computer and play a lo-fi chillout playlist. I also love having a nice-smelling candle. I think that adds to the enjoyment of the event.”

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