A cash free journey for The Rose St Artists’ Market

In the heart of Melbourne’s eclectic suburb of Fitzroy, The Rose St Artists’ Market has grown into an iconic and colourful celebration of creativity since launching fifteen years ago.

Frequented by locals and visitors alike, the market gives you the opportunity to collect, source, and commission unique handmade works. When perusing the stalls, you can also meet and speak with the artists and designers in person.

But with so many incredible markets operating across Melbourne, looking for a way to stand out from the crowd is no mean feat. This is why Christian Ferrante, owner of The Rose St Artists’ Market, likes to innovate and push the boundaries of what a local market should be. When he noticed less customers carrying cash, he made the decision to find a solution.

“We had a lot of customers asking us where the local cash machine was to withdraw cash for the market, but we wanted to find a way to keep them at the market because once they leave, there’s a chance they won’t come back.”

Ferrante decided to give stallholders an easy system to accept payments via a company called Square, a small tap-and-go card reader that accepts credit and debit cards.

“Getting our stallholders to go cashless was a fairly easy transition. One of the main challenges of facilitating a cashless market was shifting the mentality of customers, so they could see that our tap-and-go system is a really easy option to pay. But now, they love it.”