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Nine ways to create a perfectly organised and decluttered office – in pictures


If your workspace ever makes you feel stressed or claustrophobic, it’s probably time to re-organise it.

Here are some tips on transforming your desktop mess into a perfectly organised area.


1. Use clever storage to reduce clutter

Use shelves, boxes or buckets to store your desktop accessories so they aren’t distracting.


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Storage can be nice to look at too. Image source: Brit + Co

2. Keep your workspace clean, clear and spacious

A minimalist style encourages cleanliness and keeps your desk free from distractions.


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Clear your mind with a clear desk. Image source: The Every Girl

3. Place key office tools in practical positions

Keep your frequently-used items in the same, easy-to-reach areas and store the rest out of sight.


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Prioritise the important stationery and tools to keep on your desk. Image source: Design Letters

4. Use dividers to keep desk drawers well organised

Arranging your stationery into sections will help to prevent your drawers from turning into cluttered chaos.


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Use drawer dividers Image source: Jen Woodhouse

5. Use a memo board to show your to-do lists and reminders

Having your important reminders placed in an organised fashion will help you get things done.


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Get creative and make a one-of-a-kind memo board. Image source: Burlap and Lace Blog

6. Create a charging station to keep cords untangled and hidden

Tangled wires can subconsciously affect your stress levels.


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Image source: Homedit

7. Make sure you have a space to store your important paperwork

If you need to keep important paperwork, make sure it’s placed away neatly in a storage holder.


8. Design your desk space in a way that is relevant to your type of work

If you’re constantly on your computer, arrange your other deck items around it.


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Prioritise what’s important to you. Image source: Instagram/@katie_paterson

9. Keep a bin near your desk

Make it as easy as possible to clear out clutter at any time.


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Keep your workspace clean with a bin nearby. Image source: Instagram/@onlydecolove