Three hobbies to pursue that could improve your career prospects

Before you relegate your plans to start a weekend project or an after-work activity to next month, consider this: according to San Francisco State University engaging in hobbies increased a person’s ability to find creative solutions to work problems.

In fact, there are lots of ways pursuing an activity that interests you can improve your career.

Here are three interests you could pursue to improve your job prospects.

Long distance running

Running obviously has some pretty great health benefits: it promotes stress relief, meets healthy industry exercise recommendations, and aids quality sleep.

It can do a world of good for your resumé, too.

Endurance running shows you’re persistent, disciplined and goal-oriented.

Long distance running

The perfect reasons to bring up your goal (or even achievement) or running that 10km fun run!



There are endless reasons why volunteering should be at the top of your potential list of interests.

To start with, you get a great sense of accomplishment from offering your time and skills to a worthy cause.

Volunteering in the community can improve your job prospects

You also provide a positive impact on the community.

But have you thought about how appealing volunteering looks on your resumé?

A survey of 200 leading businesses in the UK found 73 per cent of employers would hire someone who volunteered over someone without philanthropic experience.

Volunteering could even offer a gateway to landing a paid role with a not-for-profit or government organisation.


Learn a language

The personal benefits of learning a language range from making Friday night takeaway ordering a more impressive experience, to giving your next holiday an extra cultural edge.

Learning a language can take you many places

For your career or business, being bilingual can take you to a whole new level – or country.

Add ‘fluent in…’ to your LinkedIn profile and you could find global businesses willing to offer you a career with invaluable travel and invaluable networking experiences.

If you’re already a business owner, consider how your newly-acquired bilingual skills could help you break into international markets.

Just make time

It’s pretty simple to reap the benefits of having a hobby: just start.

In the short term, pursuing an interest offers you an interesting challenge and work-life balance.

In the long-term it could help you stand out among other job candidates and maybe even land your dream job.

Pursuing a new hobby - rowing