Redecorate your workspace: Four simple steps to give your home office a much-needed refresh

Whether you work from your home or an office, one of the best ways to boost your productivity is to feel comfortable — and be inspired — in your workspace.

Professional organiser and declutter expert Georgie Rees of Clutterfly explains that an office refresh not only revitalises your environment but also boosts your energy and attitude.

Decluttering, organising and styling an office, Georgie says, can help facilitate greater clarity.

Psychologist and founder of The Positivity Institute Dr Suzy Green agrees with Georgie on the psychological benefits of a workspace refresh.

These two experts recently shared tips on the value of decluttering with Work Wise.


Step 1: Bring order out of chaos

It’s time to say sayonara to stacks of papers, scattered pens and clusters of coloured sticky notes colonising every surface.

Dr Green says there’s significant research highlighting the benefits of an ordered, decluttered environment.

“Clutter can have a negative impact on sustained attention,” she says. “A high level of visual stimuli in our environment is naturally going to compete for our attention.”

Start by decluttering your space, discarding excess papers, files and folders on desks and around the office, Georgie adds.

And if you’re in a team, be sure to involve others in the planning stages and give employees a sense of ownership over any changes to the area.


Minimalist, clean workspace

Clean and clear: a minimalist delight.

Step 2: Group items to create empty space

Before you go decorating those – now uncovered – lengths of horizontal space with mugs, mobile devices and magazines, take a moment.

Empty space in a working environment is a good thing, Georgie says.

Dr Green agrees, maintaining that visible physical space is a precursor to mental space.

“Clear, decluttered space allows for greater levels of attention control, so grouping items or having a place for everything will allow for greater levels of productivity and efficiency.”


Step 3: Think vertically

Walls are a friend to any office running low on space.

“Walls provide a brilliant opportunity to add additional storage,” Georgie says, who believes that vertical space is often under utilised.

Even if you don’t need extra storage, there’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint.

Georgie recommends painting offices in cool, calming tones as a simple way to promote productivity.


Using walls for workspace storage

Walls could be the answer to your lack of storage space.

Step 4: Continue to mix it up

Change is as good as a holiday.

To keep your workspace design fresh, you don’t need to change everything.

“Whether big or small changes, changing your environment can give you a boost of energy and greater levels of creativity and inspiration,” says Dr Green.

To create a sense of novelty, try moving the furniture to create a new office layout.

Alternatively, “adding office plants or updating stationery sets” can achieve the same effect, Georgie says.

She adds: “even replacing your desk chair can do wonders for your daily routine”.


Office plants at workspace

Refreshing your office could be as simple as introducing plants to the office