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Desk Mats & Refills

Bantex Clear Desk Mat This Bantex Clear Desk Mat is ideal for use in your workspace to protect your desktop against stains and scratches. It has a durable construction which is easy to wipe clean when necessary. Cumberland Business Desk Mat This Cumberland Business Desk Mat is made from a PVC material that will protect your desk from scratches and other damage. The mat looks great on your desk and includes 1 monthly, undated sheet so you can organise your calendar. Eva Non-slip Desk Mat 650 x 450mm This Eva non-slip Desk Mat is a great way to protect the quality of your desk without compromising on the style of your workspace. This mat is semi transparent so you can put photos, notes and reminders underneath keeping them nearby without getting ruined. Bantex Foam Desk Pad Black This Bantex Foam Desk Pad is a great way to reduce the risk of damaging your table or desk. The PVC backing is non-slip so you can just place the desk pad down without having to attach it with glue, tape or straps. The foam surface optimises your comfort and retains its shape after items are taken off the desk. Bantex Desk Pad Calendar Black This Bantex Desk Pad Calendar is large in size and ideal for placing on top of your desk. The weekly planner can be written on so you can keep track of upcoming dates and is refillable so you can use it for a long time.
Bantex Clear Desk Mat
Cumberland Business Desk Mat
Eva Non-slip Desk Mat 650 x 450mm
Bantex Foam Desk Pad Black
Bantex Desk Pad Calendar Black