If you aspire to be an art collector, with a home full of one-of-a-kind masterpieces, but your budget doesn’t stretch that far, here’s some good news: posters are an easy and affordable option for making a bold statement and livening up your space. Our poster decoration ideas are sure to inspire, whatever your home decor style.

Keep It Colour Themed

Create a sense of cohesion in your space by choosing several posters linked by a central colour scheme. There’s no need for identical or matchy-matchy prints. Instead, look for complementary posters with pops of the same hue and hang them together for a gallery-style effect. Continue your colour theme throughout your room by using a lamp, cushion, vase or throw in the same tones to tie the whole look together.

Hot Tip: The Hugo Taemets Poster Collection, available at Officeworks, captures the glamour of the Amalfi coast with striking colour photographs. Seen here (middle poster) is the [ITALS]One Fire Beach poster from the collection. Or bring your own travel snaps to Officeworks to have them printed and framed. The Print, Copy & Create website allows you to make poster prints on top-quality Fujifilm paper, and don’t forget to make use of Officeworks’ Custom Framing service, too.

Clever poster decoration ideas include choosing a colour theme for your posters to create a gallery style effect.

Make It Monochrome

Prefer a more minimal or pared-back look when it comes to poster decoration ideas for your home? Consider black and white posters – they’re a subtle way to create a vibe that’s classic and sophisticated. Black and white is also ideal for a study or office space because it’s understated and not overly distracting. Posters with text could work really well here – opt for a word, phrase or song lyrics that speak to you or represent a special memory. You can then create a poster using your chosen text on the Print, Copy & Create website which you can have printed on high-quality paper in a size/scale of your choosing. Or seek out monochrome poster art in homewares stores.

Monochrome is a cool poster decoration idea that brings instant sophistication to any room.

Create a Triptych

For something a little bit different, try a triptych, where a work of art is divided into three separate sections or panels. This style is bold and modern, and works well on a large wall space in a home or office as a strong, eye-catching feature in the room. To achieve this look, print or buy a poster in A0 size and carefully cut it into three sections before framing. You’ll need to take extra care when hanging your triptych – no eye-balling here! Instead, use a spirit level and painters’ tape to execute the perfect installation.

Hot Tip: Fill your space with gorgeous beach views! The Murray Fraser poster collection, available at Officeworks, is packed with stunning shots of sand and sea. We like this Beach Beauty print (pictured).

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Keep Your Style Consistent

What’s your personal interiors style? Do you surround yourself with all things opulent? Or are you a lover of Art Deco or Scandi style? Whatever your preference, tailor your wall art to suit your style for a consistent look and feel throughout your home. Choose posters and frames that match the rest of your furnishings in terms of style, scale and colours. 

Hot Tip: This beautiful home has a beach-shack style, with lots of white and natural wood finishes. To complement the space, we chose the [ITALS]Surfers poster from the Lisa Kerr Collection, which is choc-full of gorgeous coastal scenery.

One smart poster decoration idea is to be consistent – choose wall art that works with your established interiors style.

Salon Style

Inspired by 19th century French salons, this poster decoration idea features a series of posters clustered together on a wall. The overall effect is busy, complex and vibrant, and it’s a great way to tell a story or explore an overarching theme. Collect posters in a variety of sizes and shapes, and when you’re ready to hang, spend some time brainstorming the perfect layout. You can do this by arranging your posters on the floor, and experimenting with position and spacing. When it comes to frames, stick to just one or two colours for consistency. 

This poster decoration idea is inspired by 19th century salons and can be ornamental, theatrical and asymmetrical.