There’s a quiet and undeniable joy in crafting, creating and making, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that the handmade movement and a craving for nostalgia soared during the pandemic. In 2020, global Google searches for "craft projects for adults" were up 50 per cent year on year. Collective interest shows no sign of slowing, either: there are more than 5.6 million Instagram posts tagged #MakersMovement. Yes, the world over, people have learned the pleasure of DIY crafts, and found comfort and joy in all things handmade. 

For those looking to get into the making craze, it couldn’t be simpler to find craft projects for beginners. These DIY crafts are easy to complete, and provide quick inspiration for homemade gift wrapping, event styling, home decor and more. 

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Craft a Special Gift Hamper

One of the most popular DIY crafts is making a gift hamper using a wooden crate.

Make that special occasion even more memorable with a homemade gift hamper. This one has some thoughtful treats to really up the ante, including a personalised bag of coffee beans and a tin of handy mints. There are a few additional items, too: a tea towel and reusable coffee cup really cap it off. 

To create it, line a wooden crate with a tea towel, with each corner hanging loosely over the edges of the crate. Fill with wood wool, then add a reusable coffee cup, kraft bag filled with coffee beans (don’t forget to add a cute label), and a tin filled with mints, tied with hemp cord secured with sticky tape. Add a mini spoon for an elegant touch. Tuck in some statement foliage to tie the look together. Finish things off and tie a piece of hemp cord around the crate like a present, before adding a personalised swing tag

What to Try

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Make Your Own Gift Wrap

Add gift wrapping ideas to your DIY crafts. Dress up packages with hemp cord, swing tags and fresh foliage.

Ordinary wrapping paper, begone! Take your gifts to the next level with charming wrapping ideas like muslin bags, wax seal stamps, native foliage and rustic accents. 

Fashioning these couldn’t be easier. For the gift boxes and pillows, use a combination of decorative washi tape, wrapping paper, burlap ribbon and hemp cord, then secure it all in place with hot glue or double-sided tape. Finish with a wax seal, and you’re set to impress! Experiment with different gift boxes and bags, and with a variety of fastenings: you could try cord, burlap ribbon, papers and seals. A sprig of fresh eucalyptus foliage is a pretty addition, while a swing tag with an elegant handwritten message is the perfect finishing touch. 

What to Try

Create Elegant Wedding Signage and Table Numbers

 Making wedding signage is a great craft projects for adults. Create a welcome message on an A-frame sign.

Craft your own event signage? Yes, you can! In fact, making your own welcome signs and table numbers is an easy project to undertake. This pretty welcome board is a case in point: if you want lettering that looks professional, download some lettering examples online and use a pencil to sketch the letters onto the board before you ink it in with paint pens. Another option is to use a Cricut machine to cut out a decal sticker to affix to a wooden A-frame. Finish the A-frame sign with native foliage and flowers – try fastening them to the inside of the frame using florist wire to keep them firmly in place. 

Add to the wedding signage – and your DIY crafts – with table settings for a wedding.

Stay on theme with similarly created table numbers. Mini mason jars, clustered with blooms, can combine to make a striking centrepiece. Wrap the tops of the jars in twine and attach a single plywood tag detailing the table number. The same theory applies here: trace the numbers first before you use paint pens, or consider using a Cricut to print professional-looking numbers. 

What to Try

Fashion Boho-Inspired Macramé Wall Art

Get into throwback DIY crafts by grouping macramé planter hangers and macramé wall art together.

Macramé has been a mainstay of boho DIY crafts for decades. Using macramé cord, twine or yarn, you can create wall hangings, plant holders, coasters and more. And because this method is based on a series of knots, it’s super easy to learn. This macramé kit outlines the basics and includes all the materials you need to create a cool wall hanging.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, experiment with different knotting combinations to create a collection of wall hangings and macramé plant hangers in different colours. Style your collection along a long piece of dowel and use it to spruce up a blank wall in your home.

What to Try 

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