You don’t need to spend a fortune on Christmas gifts to show you care. If you’ve got $20 in your back pocket, we’ve got some fantastic Christmas gift ideas for all the people in your life. From Secret Santa ideas for colleagues to unique gift ideas for kids, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

The great thing about toddlers is that they’re excited by pretty much anything. Christmas gift boxes go over well, but wrapping paper can be equally thrilling. Beyond the gift-wrap, the presents toddlers (and their parents) get the most out of are things that engage their minds. 

Keeping little hands busy is of the utmost importance (lest they seek out the bathroom drawers or the flour jar) and a Play Doh Classic Colour Variety Pack has four colours for kids to roll, twist, smoosh and, let’s face it, try to eat. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic. Large animal-shaped crayons such as Micador Early sTART Zoo Crayons are easy to hold and they double as finger puppets. You're also never too young to go bug catching (or a form of it from the comfort of the living room) with this cute magnetic bug catching set that will foster counting skills, hand-eye coordination and get them familiar with insects. 

This Kadink Wooden and Magnetic Bug Catching Set gives early learners a fun way to build counting skills, hand-eye coordination, and even insect recognition. The cute pieces are numbered on the back, so you can teach addition by asking participants to add up the numbers of their caught bugs to calculate a winning score. There are ten bugs and 2 bug catching nets included, and they're all made with sustainably sourced wood.

Building-block toys such as Kadink’s Wooden Construction Set are excellent for developing their fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills and mathematical ability, as well as language and literacy abilities. Stacking toys such as Kadink’s Wooden Ring Stacker also help them learn about colours, counting and size recognition. 

There’s definitely something to be said for developing musical ability at a young age – Mozart began composing at age four. Start them on the road to glory with a Kadink Wooden Xylophone, with its two wooden sticks for joyful bashing, or inspire the builder within with a 100-piece wooden block set

For little learners, Kadink’s Square Stamps are a thrilling stocking-stuffer. Add an inkpad and watch them see dinosaurs appear like magic.

Toddler Christmas Gifts Under $20

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Best Christmas Gifts for School Starters

Know a child beginning school next year? Give them a headstart with a learning-based gift such as Kadink’s colourful wooden abacus for working out sums and a wooden clock puzzle to help them learn to tell the time. A pencil case will be required and this cat-shaped one stands up – a little friend on their desk on a nerve-racking first day. They’ll soon find pals, especially when they display their paper-aeroplane-making abilities, learned from a Kadink Paper Plane Folding Kit

If you want to add a touch of thrilling shine to their Christmas gift under the tree, a Galt Sensational Sequins Fairies and Unicorns Kit provides sparkling craft play, while a pair of binoculars are just what the budding twitcher needs to identify all the neighbourhood’s birdlife. And on those stay-at-home days in the holidays, some Crayola sidewalk chalk is the answer to occupy hours of creating driveway art.

School Starter Christmas Gifts Under $20

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Best Christmas Gifts for Amateur Artists

The summer holidays are the perfect time to try your hand at art for full relaxation mode. It’s an activity that everyone of all abilities can engage in, not least because making art – drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving, knitting, collaging – has been shown to boost concentration, relieve stress and activate the reward centre in our brains. Gift a five-pack of Born Acrylic Paints (throw in a canvas or art paper, if you like) to start someone back on their painting journey, or give these BiC Intensity Fineliners to a budding cartoonist. Born Better Premium Watercolour Pencils are a great Christmas gift for artists who like to draw and paint.

Get Creative With Christmas Gifts Under $20

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Best Christmas Gifts for Work Secret Santa

High levels of anxiety can accompany the annual Secret Santa gift exchange at work. What if, for example, you pick someone who you barely know? Worse, what if you get your boss? Forget a joke gift or a mug; we’ve found some gifts you’ll be happy to own up to, like this Born adult colouring book, with mesmerising mandala patterns just waiting for some creative colour input. You might find the whole company getting involved in Lake Press’s movie trivia game, full of cinematic facts, at a pub kick-on after the work Christmas party. More reflective types always appreciate a fresh notebook like this maroon J Burrows pocket journal, the bare pages just waiting for their new year’s observations. And if you’re really stuck for ideas? You can’t go wrong with triangular chocolate, in the form of Toblerone

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts Under $20

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Best Christmas Gifts for People With Travel Plans

Is the new year bringing with it some adventure? With many of us still a little rusty in the travel department, these gifts will get us on the right path. Start with an Otto Brights Drink Bottle – the hot pink colour means it’s unmissable and the giftee won’t leave it behind on a train/plane/bus. A J.Burrows Luggage Tag will also help distinguish their bag from among the sea of black suitcases on the conveyor belt at baggage collection. For those hours and minutes spent in transit, especially if there are kids involved, a fun game of magnetic hangman is required. Keep score – and jot down travel memories – in this sleek Modena A6 Linen Ruled Notebook

Traveller Essential Christmas Gifts Under $20

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Best Christmas Gifts for Organised Types

For the type-A personalities among us, the new year is a thrilling prospect – a whole 12 months to fill and organise! An Otto Palm Pencil Case is a go-anywhere option for pens and the like, or a handy option for a handbag for easily lost items like lip balm and wireless earbuds. Most organised types are list-makers: this Otto Palm Textured Notebook is the most stylish spot they’ll ever have to jot down their to-dos.

Christmas Gifts Under $20

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