Looking for Christmas gifts under $50? You’ve come to the right place! Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box to find gifts that are both thoughtful and affordable: some beautiful pencils to reignite a lapsed artist’s work, a globe to inspire a future globetrotter, a book of perfectly empty pages awaiting thoughts and doodles. No matter who you’re buying for this year, we’ve rounded up some great options that come in at under $50.

Best Christmas Gifts for Curious Kids

If you know a kid with a lot of questions, give them something to think about this Christmas with a gift to inspire. A curious kid will learn all about the world, imagine future adventures and perhaps even ace their geography test by spinning this Kadink globe. It makes great desk decor, too. Wrap up these Born colouring pencils and they’ll be able to draw all those distant places they can see in their mind’s eye in vivid, vibrant colour. 

With a plethora of excellent and educational kids’ podcasts out now (they’re an excellent alternative to screens), a pair of JBL on-ear headphones is soft for little ears with volume limits to protect tender eardrums – the perfect Christmas gift for kids. 

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Best Christmas Gifts for Creative Expression

There’s nothing more thrilling to creative types than the sight of fresh, pristine art supplies. Whether you’re buying for an arty kid or an adult with an urge to create, it’s time to inspire creativity. This Reeves paint by numbers kit is a fun place to start an art obsession. They’ll emerge with a professional-looking piece, a newfound confidence and the serenity that comes from hours of patient dabbing and daubing. 

Scrapbookers, card-makers and kids with school projects ahead will love Crayola’s Crayoligraphy activity set, which comes with all the items needed to create fancy lettering, including gel pens, markers and tools. 

Know a little person who loves colouring? A 36-pack of Born premium coloured pencils means they’ll have just the shade, whereas Faber-Castell’s mixed media set has more than 80 markers and pencils, making it a perfect match for any project. More mature drawers will gravitate towards the brand’s Black Edition pencils. They’re super soft, highly pigmented and colour both dark and light paper easily. If chalky pastels are a preferred medium, these Reeves pastels are super-blendable, intensely coloured and come in a square shape that offers both fine edges for detail work and flat for saturated colour application – and they won’t roll off the desk. 

Last but by no means least, dedicated water-colourists will love finding Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolour paints under the tree. They offer a pearly opalescent pigment, giving artworks an otherworldly glow. 

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Best Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

A new year of travel and adventure is about to dawn, so wrap up some useful Christmas gifts that’ll become constant companions to your gift recipients, like this J. Burrows backpack. It comes in a neutral olive hue and has loads of internal pockets (including one for their laptop), an air-mesh back to keep them comfortable and a trolley loop for attaching to luggage, making it ideal for journeys ranging from the daily commute to a well-deserved holiday.

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life, right? With a Moleskine 2024 Daily Diary – notebook of choice of Hemingway and Van Gogh – there’s a fresh page for each day, just waiting to be filled with memories of their next adventure. 

Kids with wanderlust can test their knowledge in a game of Go Genius World and go on a fun yet educational journey, answering questions about the planet that spans cities, countries and continents. Play as a family and see who knows the world’s saltiest ocean (hint: it starts with A).  

Of course, all travellers need a soundtrack. Never get stuck without tunes with JBL’s mini bluetooth speaker. It’s small, but the bass is rich and the speaker lasts for up to five hours on one charge, meaning they can get the party started – and keep it going – with one tiny device. 

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Best Christmas Gifts for Home Office Workers

The new normal, for many, involves working from home at least part of the week. If you know someone whose home office space could use a little love, why not gift something they’ll use and love each workday? This Bosisto diffuser adds a refreshing fragrance to the air (add lavender oil to calm or lemon oil to invigorate), helping make their office nook a pleasant environment. Likewise, the Otto Petra clock, with its stylish and modern terrazzo-style aesthetic, means they won’t miss that Zoom meeting. And, with this Moleskine large hardcover diary open on the desk, they’ll be locked and loaded for the year ahead. 

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