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The Best Office Gadgets to Improve Productivity


| By Amy Vagne | February 1, 2021

Work smarter, not harder, with help from a little tech — try one of these office gadgets to improve productivity now.

Discover the best office gadgets to improve productivity.

Time is of the essence. Don’t waste it on shoddy gear, silly distractions or connection hassles. These office gadgets to improve productivity are real game-changers, helping you work smarter, not harder, to achieve that goal of maximum efficiency. Anthony Hill, Head of Technology at Geeks2U, weighs in with his product picks.


A Second Computer Screen

Dual computer monitors can help you boost your productivity by allowing you to multitask more effectively.

Setting up dual computer monitors is the ultimate productivity hack. Multitasking becomes a breeze when you can quickly glance between two windows, plus you’ll never lose your place or become distracted as you click through the scores of browser tabs you’ve got open. The benefits of a dual screen setup increase dramatically if you’re doing data entry or monitoring communications feeds, such as conference calls, emails, Twitter or Slack. If you’re an editor or graphic designer, then two screens could be especially beneficial. “Working on your primary task on one screen while having the reference material on a second screen can greatly increase productivity and also the accuracy of your work,” says Anthony.

What To Try

Wireless Headphones

Headphones are fast becoming the MVP of all work tech tools. They’re ideal for making hands-free phone calls, allowing you to tackle two or more tasks at a time. Choose a noise-cancelling pair, such as the JBL Live 650 ANC Wireless Headphones, and you can block out background noise and keep yourself fully focused on your work. The Logitech Wireless On-ear Headset H800 will help when you need to answer calls or jump onto Zoom for an online meeting. Evidence posted on WebFX shows listening to music at work can boost productivity by helping employees feel happier, less stressed and more motivated.

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A Voice Assistant Speaker

The Google Nest Hub Max is a handy virtual assistant for the office to improve productivity.

Welcome to the future office, where you don’t need a PA to help you organise your life. Instead, outsource everything to a handy desktop gadget and free up your work time for more important tasks. The < a href="https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/google-nest-hub-max-chalk-sygnhmaxwe">Google Nest Hub Max can be used to make video calls, send messages, set reminders, play music, look up information, display photos and control smart features such as lights and appliances, all at the command of your voice. The Amazon Echo Show 8 has similar features, with virtual assistant Alexa learning to tailor itself to your needs and preferences.

What To Try

A Docking Station

Save time, and stress less, with this nifty device that allows you to connect your computer to all of the essentials. “A docking station allows you to have your dual monitors, keyboard, mouse and any other accessories plugged in all the time at your home office and you simply need to plug one connection into your laptop to have all these devices connected and working,” explains Anthony. The ability to attach your laptop to multiple devices at once, including a mouse, a printer and a scanner, is an absolute godsend, especially if you’ve got a project deadline fast approaching.

What To Try

A Clever Mouse

Improve office productivity with a smart mouse loaded with special features.

Work smarter and faster by swapping your regular computer mouse for a swanky new model that’s bursting with special features. The Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and easy to use. It’s rechargeable, doing away with wires and batteries, and uses an electromagnetic wheel for speedy scrolling. The MX Master 3 has seven different buttons and these can be customised to create handy shortcuts. Generally speaking, a good gaming mouse will improve your productivity — most have multiple wheels and buttons and are designed to be used over long periods of time. Goodbye hand cramps and RSI. The Philips SPK9201B Gaming Mouse also has a wide range of features and wallet-friendly price.

What To Try

A Solid State Drive

Also known as SSDs, solid state drives are amped-up file storage devices. Unlike a regular hard drive, they’re durable, super fast and more energy efficient. During a work day, use an SSD to instantly load programs and stretch your network capacity. The samsung 1TB T7 Touch Portable Solid State Drive is designed with security in mind — it comes with a fingerprint reader and fully encrypts all files. Another good option is Seagate’s BarraCuda External SSD Drive Type-C 1TB — this one’s ideal for transferring data between friends or colleagues.

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A Label Printer

The Dymo Labelwriter label printer is a handy gadget that can improve office productivity.

Depending on your line of work, a label printer could be very useful. “If you send out lots of letters and parcels, then printing out the address labels could save you time,” says Anthony. Other uses include making name tags for conferences and special events and printing off product ingredient labels and info labels for assets. The Brother Wireless Colour Label Printer VC-500W can print photo quality images and comes with an integrated cutter. Another top pick? The YMO LabelWriter 4XL Professional Label MakerD — it’s your best bet for producing warehouse labels, shipping tags, barcode stickers and more.

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A Wireless Router

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is a must when you’re working — there’s nothing more excruciating than constant buffering or having no access to the files and data you need. “The primary issue with maintaining a good fast internet connection is having a reliable service provider,” says Anthony. “However, having a good quality wireless router will allow you to move around and work in different areas of the home while maintaining productivity.” The aerials on this TP-Link Archer AX50 Gigabit WiFi 6 Router AX3000 ensure your home has better coverage and more stable internet connectivity. Netgear is another reputable brand — its 4-Stream AX1800 WiFi 6 Router is recommended for homes and businesses with 20 or more connected devices.

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