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9 Tech Tools to Boost Your Business This Financial Year


| By Stephen Fenech | July 7, 2020

Practical, essential tech tools and software every growing business will need in 2020 – boost your business and start the new financial year on the front foot.

Discover the tech tools and products that will help you with growing your business

The start of the 2020/21 financial year presents a great opportunity for your business to make an investment in its future success. But you need the right business tech tools, products and software to help your operation achieve the success essentials: increased productivity, more revenue and lower costs. Boost your business with this hit-list of technology and gadgets designed specifically to give it the best chance to work smarter and harder.

Accept Credit Card Payments Anywhere

If you’re running a small business, being able to accept eftpos or credit card payments quickly and easily is a big boost for your business. And that’s exactly what the Square Terminal allows you to do. This all-in-one device has a 5.5-inch display and can connect wirelessly to your network to become a powerful POS tech tool. Customers can tap or swipe all the major credit cards and also pay with their smartphones and smart watches using Apple Pay and Google Pay. A flexible POS system can provide insights into how to boost your business.

Turn Your Phone into a POS System

A smartphone and a Square Reader creates an easy payment solution for growing businesses

If your business is just starting out or has you taking payments outside of a regular office environment, the Square Reader for Contactless and Chip Cards could be a good solution. Quick and easy to set up, the device connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your own smartphone or tablet to allow you to accept payments anywhere, from tap and go or chip cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and with no worries about long term contracts or monthly recurring fees. A vital addition to a growing business.

Cover All Your Software Needs

Microsoft 365 is the ultimate all-round business tech product for both Windows and Mac computers, offering all the software tools your business requires to create and collaborate, communicate, edit and work on-the-go, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and, if you have a PC, Publisher and Access. The 12 months subscription can be used across multiple devices and includes 1TB of cloud storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Be Always Connected Anywhere

A laptop with 4G tech allows you to stay connected for business, even without wi-fi.

Let’s face it, the modern business needs to be adaptable and flexible. The Acer Swift 3 Notebook supports both wi-fi and 4G tech, so you can be connected whether you’re on your office internet or using the 4G cellular network. This mid-range device is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and offers an array of ports and a nice cross-section of uses, from running Microsoft Office and displaying clear graphics to videoconferencing and watching movies. And, with a battery that lasts up to 12 hours, you can stay mobile and connected for longer, no matter where your work takes you.

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Increase Your Efficiency

When it’s time to get down to work at your computer you need to be comfortable before you can be efficient. That’s why the Logitech MK315 Quiet Wireless Combo comes in handy. It includes a full-sized keyboard with cushioned keys and a mouse that has a silent scroll wheel for quiet working.

Focus on Ergonomics

Ergonomic tech tools are important for growing businesses to maintain work productivity

Across Australia, work-related injuries are costing the Australian economy billions of dollars, while also affecting productivity and earnings. Working at a computer for hours at a time can cause wrist and hand pain, so it’s crucial to look at tech tools like the J.Burrows Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse that allows for comfortable use over extended periods. Suitable for right-handers, the vertical wireless mouse places the wrist in a more natural upright position and works with both Mac and Windows computers to deliver fast and accurate use.

Another business tech product that offers wrist and hand comfort is the J.Burrows Ergonomic Mouse Pad, which has a foam wrist rest and a non-slip rubber base.

Power at Your Fingertips

The 16-inch 2019 MacBook Pro has a ninth generation 6-core i7 processor, which provides a pro-level performance for road warriors and business professionals who need to get the job done whether they are at a desk, in the field or with a client. It has a larger retina display but is not much larger than the 15-inch model it has replaced and the four USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports can be used to transfer data, connect an external monitor or for charging.

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business

With one in 10 businesses in Australia suffering data breaches, it’s paramount for a business to have a secure system to handle data and access to it. The WD 4TB My Cloud Ultra 2-Bay NAS (network attached storage) creates a central location where your business can securely access sensitive data, as well as host content and documents that need to be accessed both locally and remotely either through a secure computer log-in or via the My Cloud app. Compatible with Mac and Windows computers, the WD NAS also provides several options to create important back-ups of all your important business data.