Tackling the mental load: the impact on female SMBOs

 The ‘mental load’ may be a relatively new term, but women have been living under the weight of it for generations. The struggle to juggle personal and professional responsibilities continues to remain a key barrier for female participation in the workforce, and for female representation at the top levels of business.

Recent data from the Australian Institute of Health identified that although attitudes towards gender roles were changing, women continue to shoulder the brunt of domestic duties and childcare.

The “mental load” is real and it disproportionately affects women, so how do some of Australia’s successful small business owners tackle the challenge every day?

In this video, business owners Sheree Rubenstein, co-founder of One Roof, a leading co-working space in Melbourne for female-led businesses, Alison Hardacre is co-founder of HealthKit, a global platform for healthcare, and Kate Pollard and Jodi Geddes, co-founders of the website and resource platform CircleIn talk frankly about the challenges of running their own business while juggling a life beyond it.

This video was filmed at One Roof, Melbourne’s leading co-working space for female-led businesses.