Hire the right talent for your business: Free interview template

Research shows that more than 35 per cent of small business owners believe that their difficulty in attracting and hiring the best people is a barrier to business growth. This is why as a business owner, it’s crucial to ask the right interview questions of a potential candidate.

Molly Green is an experienced interviewer. As practice lead of executive search at recruitment firm Six Degrees Executive, she’s conducted hundreds of job interviews throughout her career.

Small business owners should shortlist four to five candidates for interview and use consistent interview processes to see if candidates have the experience and motivation to complete those tasks, Molly says.

“The questions and conversations you have during an interview can help you decide if the person has the ability to do the job and if they will be motivated to stay in the job, she says.

Behavioural questions that encourage the applicant to talk about previous experience is key, she says. For example, asking questions about how they have handled a difficult situation with a customer in a previous role. Someone’s past behaviour is the best indicator of their future behaviour, and example-based questions allow you to go deeper in getting to know the potential employee.

To learn more about your candidates, you can also open the door to conversation by talking about yourself. “I’ll often talk about facets of my life outside of work, which opens the door for the them to do the same if they’re comfortable,” Molly says.

It’s important not to stray into questions that could be viewed as discriminatory, including questions about a candidates’ age, if they have children, religion, ethnicity, background, where they live or any other questions that don’t directly add anything to the interview process, Molly explains.

During an interview, take notes so you can remember the details of each candidate and keep eye contact as much as you can to encourage engagement, she adds.

Interview Template

Use our free interview template below to ensure you hire the right employees.