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Plier Staplers

J.Burrows Effortless Jet Plier Stapler The J.Burrows Effortless Jet Plier Stapler is designed to be more powerful than traditional staplers so you can staple with ease. It's perfect for keeping handy on your desk so you're always prepared to secure important papers and documents together. Rexel Office 56 Plier This Rexel Office 56 Plier has an easy to use design thanks to the contoured plastic cover and soft-feel handle. The stapler has a heavy duty metal plier which is makes it a reliable stapler, and the security loop means you can attach it to your desk. This stapler features an auto-loading top with a throat depth of 50 mm. Rapid K1 Plier The Rapid K1 Plier is ideal for sealing padded bags and small cartons. It has a steel construction for durability and an adjustable anvil for stapling or pinning.
J.Burrows Effortless Jet Plier Stapler
Rexel Office 56 Plier
Rapid K1 Plier