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Luggage Straps & Packing

Korjo Travel Adjustable Luggage Strap Assorted Colours This Korjo Travel Adjustable Luggage Strap wraps around your suitcase to help hold it together and also make it easily identifiable. The heavy duty webbing will support and protect your case, while the easy release buckle makes it easy to access your suitcase when you need to. Digital Luggage Scale The Digital Luggage Scale has an LCD screen that can display the weight of goods in either pounds or kilograms, depending on your preferences. It features automatic zero-tracking for an accurate reading and an alarm so you will know if it's been overloaded. It will automatically turn off after 1 minute to save on battery and comes with a strap hook for easy use. Korjo Travel Safe Seals Korjo Travel Safe Seals provide evidence that your bags have not been tampered with when you are travelling. Simply seal each compartment by tying the seal through the eyes of a zipper.
Korjo Travel Adjustable Luggage Strap Assorted Colours
Digital Luggage Scale
Korjo Travel Safe Seals