Tired of googling, “fun gifts for gamers?” or, “best new tech presents?” We’ve got a few ideas that might help narrow the field. Read on for tech gifts and gadget ideas that will make any techie’s or gamer’s day this Christmas.  

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Gamers

Trust us – we know that buying gifts for gamers is hard. You don’t want to double up on something they already have, or purchase an item that’s not to their highly refined taste. So a good place to start is with the fundamentals – a Typhoon Prime Ergonomic Gaming Chair or ONEX Gaming Chair GX330 Blue will ensure their time spent in front of the screen is as comfy as it is exhilarating. 

The chair is best paired with the Typhoon Pro 1200mm LED Gaming Desk, designed to have all the basics a gamer needs. Then perhaps a few additions to spruce up the tabletop, like a monitor with a top-notch display and a gaming mouse/keyboard combo, designed to ensure that time plugged in doesn’t lead to future aches and pains.   

If you have a gamer in the family, you know that sound is of the utmost importance. Enter the JBL Quantum Duo Gaming Speakers, offering immersive sound that will reverberate around their cocoon. For those times when you need a little peace and quiet, the Logitech G Series Gaming Headset ensures they still have all the fun post-unwrapping, but you don’t have to hear the vibrations. Worth the (minimal) outlay.  

Get a great desk, chair or speakers for the gamer in your life.

What to Put Under the Tree

Best Tech Gifts for the Creative Person in Your Life

Artist, author, designer, creator – they think outside of the box, and so should you when it comes to their Christmas gift. 

Notice someone has a great eye for capturing images? Consider extending their talent with a mirrorless camera kit. The Canon EOS M200 model is not only lightweight but also yields stunning results, so you can flawlessly capture moments that matter. Like the unveiling of the Christmas pudding. 

For budding photographers starting out in the field, the Canon IXUS 285 Digital Camera is ideal. It’s also light and fits into your pocket, so you can snap spontaneous Chrissy moments without having to lug excess equipment. And if your gift recipient loves diving straight in, the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Camera offers endless versatility, whether in photos or videos – you can even add music – on land or under the water. Or, if they love the camera on their smartphone, consider a gimbal to help steady their hand. 

When the perfect shot has been taken, it’s time to get editing. A lightweight laptop with great battery life is not only essential for adults on the go, it’s also a great way to ensure kids have one less heavy object weighing down their school backpack. The IdeaPad deserves its name – it’s as light as a notepad, but is packed with features to enable creativity. 

The Wacom Intuos Comfort Tablet is similar and gives artists and designers (whether young or more mature) the ability to draw digitally, paint and photo edit – in essence, to allow you to release those creative juices. And for that techie who’s planning to start a podcast (who isn’t these days?), you can’t pass up the gift of an all-encompassing content creator pack. Ideally one with a mic, headphones and tripod. Basically, all the bells and whistles so you can talk true crime.   


 These Officeworks cameras and accessories will get creatives’ juices flowing.

What to Put Under the Tree

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Tech Gifts for Those on the Move

If that special someone in your life loves to get active, look no further than a Fitbit. The latest smart fitness watch tells you everything you need to know about your health and wellbeing. New Year’s resolutions sorted. 

Those perpetually on-the-go will appreciate a stylish backpack with a padded laptop compartment and nifty quick-access (yet safe) pockets to store a powerbank, phone and other gadgets. To help them keep track of devices and other valuables, throw a Bluetooth tracker into the Christmas stocking as well. 

And for those who are aching to travel again (surely, all of us!), this GoPro will ensure any longed-for adventures are captured in clarity. 

Whether it’s travel or fitness, there are plenty of tech gifts for those on the go.

What to Put Under the Tree 

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Best Electronic Gadgets for the Home

Home delivery rates are at an all-time high across Australia, no more so than over the Christmas period. If you want to be sure you know who is at your door – Aus Post, FedEx, your mate or someone snooping about – even when you’re not at home, consider gifting your significant other a Google Nest Doorbell. It allows you to video and record anyone who approaches your place, day or night. Or take it up a notch with a full security system

A little bit of light can change the way you see things. Get in the Christmas spirit (and prepare for New Year’s Eve) by gifting family members smart LED light strips, to give your home a winter wonderland glow for less than $50. Or try Nanoleaf Triangles, which cast light in 16 million colours. The final mood-setter? Jingle Bells played over an Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 or Google Nest speaker, wrapped up and placed under the tree. Just make sure it’s the first thing opened on Christmas morning, so all can enjoy the incredible sound from such a small package. 

Instead of getting the kids to clean up after the festivities, gift them a robot vacuum that mops too. Bonus – the household cat and dog will have hours of entertainment.       

Update your home’s security or get festive with lighting and sound.

What to Put Under the Tree 

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And the Best Gadgets for Working From Home

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, around two-thirds of Australians currently work from home, many of them setting up their laptop on the sofa, in their bed, on the kitchen counter… wherever there’s space. End the year with the goal of helping that special someone become more productive. Sometimes, it’s the small updates to the home office that count. Like a better wireless keyboard and mouse that means your colleague/partner/friend with big fingers doesn’t have to navigate a tiny laptop.  

That said, many love the freedom a portable computer brings, allowing them to pop off to the cafe to work for a few hours, with their device safely stowed in a laptop sleeve made from recycled materials. You’re not only gifting something usable, but also something sustainable. 

For that person who works from home but also loves to record notes (or drawings) while out and about, a Boogie Board is the ultimate tech gift. Doodle, jot down ideas using a stylus, make a shopping list… then stick it to the kitchen fridge using the in-built magnet. It’s probably cheaper than that magnet you picked up in Italy. 

And for that friend you can never get in contact with because their phone is always dead, a powerbank and charging dock may be the ultimate home-office Christmas gift.       

Gifts to take your WFH life to the next level.

What to Put Under the Tree

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