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The Top Drawer: Office Accessories to Brighten Your Work Day


| By Amy Vagne | May 6, 2020

To do your job well, you need the right equipment. Here’s our edit of the desk essentials and office accessories for every workspace and home office.

The Number Cruncher

The best office accessories for your workspace

Welcome to the world of the accountant, an expert number cruncher who’s reliable, organised and detail-oriented. This diligent professional spends workdays at a desk, collating and analysing financial data. Top of their daily agenda is preparing budgets, reports and tax returns for clients, so accuracy and discretion are key attributes required.

Office Kit Insider

Best of the Rest

An accountant needs to take good notes during client meetings, so a quality notebook and sticky notes are essential. Other desk essentials include highlighters and foldable clips for annotating reports, a business card holder for networking opportunities and a smartphone with a power bank charger for staying connected.

The Social Media Maven

Officeworks purple office accessories to brighten up your workspace

She’s creative and tech-savvy with a flair for communication in all its forms. This marketing maestro is flexible and motivated, and just as happy working on-the-go in a studio or café as she is at her desk. Her role requires a finger on the pulse when it comes to pop culture, trends and the media, so she’s always online and plugged in.

Office Kit Insider

  • iPhone SE 2020 64GB Black
    Work in social media? Having a smartphone glued to your hand is an almost mandatory tech gadget. The latest iPhone would be a top choice.
  • Otto Headphones with Inline Mic and Volume Control Pink
    Turn off the world and tune in to all the video and audio content you can handle. It’s an indispensable tech gadget to have when working on location or out-of-office.
  • Nifteen London 14" Laptop Sleeve
    A padded memory foam case for transporting your laptop in safety and style. The two bonus pockets are perfect for pens or business cards.
  • Keji A4 160 Page Notebook Leaves
    A place to jot down lists, ideas and inspiration; a media manager wouldn’t leave home without it. This one’s compact and stylish with a page marker ribbon to keep your place.
  • Studymate Tube Pencil Case Criss Cross Gold
    That master plan isn’t going to write itself. Meet the perfect portable home for your writing tools, stationery stuff and other office accessories.

Best of the Rest

When creating content on the fly you need a well-stocked stash of tools to lock down those creative ideas – pens, notebooks, sticky notes, correction fluid, scissors and washi tape. Other workspace essentials for a social media guru on the go? A water bottle for keeping hydrated (double-walled is best), quality binders and document holders for storing important paperwork and a calculator for quick sums regarding targets and budgets.

The Design Guru

Officeworks pink and gold desk accessories bring personality into the office

Artistic and original, this cool creative is ready to transform a space into something special. At her desk, she dedicates her time to researching the latest trends and sketching designs. Always on the lookout for inspiration, she’s a collector and a curator and regularly works on collages and mood boards to help hone her creative vision.

Office Kit Insider

Best of the Rest

For designers working on the human form, a mini manikin is a welcome addition to the kit. Other design and desk essentials include push pins for setting up a mood board, watercolour paints and pads of paper for ideation and to-do lists and planner pads for organising and scheduling.

The Outdoorsman

Officeworks workspace supplies for the outdoors professional

Step into the office of the landscaper, an energetic worker bee who is always on the go. When he’s not at a job, out toiling in the elements, he’s at his desk, contacting clients and suppliers or working on accounts. This role requires physical strength, stamina and precision, as well as an ability to create detailed plans. A working knowledge of plants and an eye for design are also crucial.

Office Kit Insider

Best of the Rest

When your office is the great outdoors, you need to stock up on the essentials: sunscreen, insect repellent and a sturdy water bottle. A landscaper’s kit should also include a clipboard and pens for taking notes on site, display folders for showing off plans and all the gear and gadgets that help make physical labour more efficient (we’re looking at you, leather gloves and sweatproof earphones!).

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