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The May Hit List: The Best Book, Podcast & Tech for Business


| By Jessica Mudditt | May 12, 2020

Upgrade your professional life with the best books, apps and podcasts and get your hands on these clever new tech gadgets.

The best books, podcasts, apps & tech for business

The Best Book to Read: Nine Lies about Work

Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World, by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

Marcus Buckingham has built a reputation as a professional development guru following the run-away success of his earlier books, First, Break All the Rules and The One Thing You Need to Know. In his new book, Nine Lies about Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World, he teams up with the senior vice president of leadership and team intelligence at Cisco, Ashley Goodall.

Together they debunk the most dangerous myths about the workplace, such as the idea that company culture trumps everything else, or that strategic planning is essential. It’s a refreshing reassessment of what makes a modern workplace a successful business. Filled with great actionable advice, whether you’re a small business owner or serial entrepreneur, this business book is one to add to your reading list.

The Best Tech to Buy: HP Envy Laptop

Best tech: HP 13.3 Envy Laptop Core i5 AQ1052TU

This 13.3-inch notebook is about as sleek and stylish as a laptop gets. It’s also lightweight and comes with a delicate touch screen for ease of use. A Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM makes it capable of multitasking minus any time lags and its WLED display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. A built-in fingerprint reader offers extra security and convenience. It includes a generous 256GB solid state drive storage capacity and a battery that lasts nine hours.

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The Best Podcast to Listen to: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Best podcast to listen to: How I Built This

This interview podcast delves into how some of the world’s best-known companies came to be. Host Guy Raz has been described by The New York Times as one of the “most popular podcasters in history” and his podcasts have a combined audience of more than 19 million.

In How I Built This, Raz asks superstar founders to share their fascinating origin stories – taking listeners back to their roots before they struck it big. If you want to know the nuts and bolts behind building a billion-dollar empire, this podcast is worth a listen.

The Best App to Try: Money Brilliant

Best app to try: Money Brilliant

Money Brilliant is an all-in-one money management app that helps you monitor your spending and see where you stand financially. It does this by connecting bank accounts, credit cards, loans, superannuation and investment accounts. Once all that’s been synced, the app can be used to create a budget that you can quickly access – far easier than sitting down with an Excel spreadsheet.

App features include notifications for upcoming bills and spending reports to ensure you stay on top of things. Available on Android and iOS, the basic plan is free and the premium version costs $9.99 per month or $98.99 per year.

Best Gadget to Use: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Best gadget to use: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi 64GB Oxford Grey

Don’t be weighed down by hefty technology: this stylish tablet packs a heavyweight Octa-core processor punch in a slimline 0.7 centimetre body, yet manages to keep on going with up to 13 hours battery life, just right for those on the go.

Featuring a generous 10.4” display – and that nifty S Pen stylus that stays in place with a magnetic holder – it’s the perfect tablet for school, uni or work. Plus, you can rely on Samsung Knox’s defence-grade security to protect your confidential information.

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