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The April Hit List: the Best Books, Podcasts, Apps & Tech for Business


| By Jessica Mudditt | April 6, 2020

Here are the must-haves this April, from inspiring podcasts to apps that prevent tax headaches – plus the brightest tech tools on the market.

The best books, podcasts, app and tech for business

The Best Book to Read: Face to Face: The art of human connection, by Brian Grazer

Best books: Face to Face: The art of human connection, by Brian Grazer

Legendary Hollywood producer Brian Grazer has a great book out and it’s full of gold nuggets about how to cultivate better relationships in our professional and personal lives.

Why put it on your reading list? He claims that much of his success in life (including films that have grossed a staggering US$13 billion and include Frost/Nixon and A Beautiful Mind), has come from his ability to connect with other people in a meaningful way.

He argues that our growing dependence on devices is getting in the way of expanding our world view, deepening our self-awareness and producing work that endures. He takes the reader behind the scenes of his best-loved shows, including Empire and Arrested Development, and unpacks his real life conversations with Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George W. Bush and Prince – to name a few.

The Best Podcast to Listen to: TED Talks Business

Best podcasts: Ted Talks Business

It may not be new (the long running podcast has been around for eight years or so), but TED Talks Business is a podcast exploring the crème de la crème of life-changing business ideas. It’s worth a listen to hear some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, researchers and business leaders share their point of view and life stories about innovation and success while speaking at the acclaimed TED conferences and TEDx events.

These highly curated events offer audiences actionable tips on achieving success and overcoming the toughest of obstacles, shedding light on speakers’ personal stories and challenges. While it costs US$10,000 to attend the annual TED conference, the podcast features talks for free (though, admittedly, without the invaluable networking opportunities).

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There are plenty of expense tracker apps out there but, even in a crowded marketplace, Expensify stands out. Why? Because it’s so intuitive and user friendly. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store to easily upload receipts and then submit an expense to an employer with the tap of a button from your mobile devices.

Likewise, get all your employee work expenses synced across multiple platforms. Expensify links your bank account and it will read and import expenses from there, too. Its integrations are seamless and it can help you to stay on top of expense management and prevent expense reporting headaches when tax time rolls around.

The free version of Expensify covers the basics with up to five ‘SmartScans’ per month. The app offers four in-app purchase options with additional features such as unlimited SmartScans and direct integrations with accounting software.

The Best Tech to Buy: Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphone

Officeworks Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone

Expectations were high for the next-generation of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 didn’t disappoint. Released in February, its cutting-edge features pit it in a tough contest against its direct mobile phone rival, the iPhone 11.

The S11 name has been jettisoned for the new name, S20, with three models – S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, and some incredible new features. The 8K video snap will change how you capture video and 5G will change the way you share it.

Then there’s the camera quality, capturing a huge 64MP on the S20 and S20+ models and 108MP on the S20 Ultra, which lets you pinch in again and again. Add in Samsung Knox security, long battery life, a powerful processor and storage options of up to 1TB.

Best Tech Gadget to Use: SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable USB-C SSD Hard Drive

Officeworks SanDisk Extreme portable hard drive

External hard drives are an essential piece of your office kit and this is one of the best hard drives the market has to offer. This storage solution’s superiority and features make it a worthy investment among 1TB drives.

The impressively fast transfer speed (550MB per second) means you’ll never suffer annoying delays while accessing your important files, photos and videos. Another plus is being able to take it away with you on holidays and not worry too much about cracks, slips or knocks; this hard drive is as durable as they come. Top it off with 1TB of portable storage and you’ve got yourself a winner.