The time is ripe for resetting the essential elements that represent your business – think logos, colours, designs and even blurbs on your website, social media and marketing materials. According to Elleni Jamal, director of Elleni Kay Creative, a successful brand refresh can act as a boost for your whole business. “I have a lot of experience with rebranding and it often opens up a whole new world of what we can do in talking to existing customers while also appealing to new ones,” she says. “It reinforces your position in the marketplace and brings the fun back into visuals.” Follow this guide to hitting restart on your brand identity.

The First Steps

Expert advice on how to execute a successful brand refresh for your business.

Before you begin, determine what the purpose of the brand refresh is. Take stock of your existing brand image and note down what is and isn’t working. It might be helpful to create a PMI Chart with columns for Pluses (positives), Minuses (negatives) and Interesting (things to note) – this exercise helps you organise and evaluate your thoughts when you’re making big decisions.

Graphic designer Melissa Wakefield suggests analysing how your business is performing and where you see room for improvement. “Look at your sales, or digital channels like social media, impressions and visitations,” she says. “Are you getting the engagement you expect? Are you reaching the goals you’ve set for your business? How are your competitors doing? And what are they doing differently? Gather information from what you’ve tried and received great results from – and what flopped.”

“Start by understanding your vision,” Jamal adds. “Make sure your choices reflect what your company stands for and remember that “trending” doesn't always mean “timeless”.”

Ask for Help

Brand identity, strategy and how to execute a successful brand refresh for your business.

If you’re tech savvy, there are plenty of apps, online tools and digital software that can help you with your successful brand refresh. But if you would rather spend your time on other aspects of your business, or you would like to ensure professional results, it may be a good idea to consult an expert.

“It’s easy to identify elements of your branding that are out-dated. However, it is usually hard to pinpoint exactly what isn’t working without some professional advice,” Jamal says. “An expert, with experience on tools such as InDesign and Illustrator, can help guide you through a tailored re-brand.”

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Be Clear and Consistent

Whether you’re working alone or with a team of design and media experts, you need to establish a clear brand identity and keep things consistent across all marketing and digital channels. “Select a refined colour palette that is consistent with your brand, easily recognisable and distinguishable from competitor brands”, Wakefield explains. “Communicate your message clearly with your customers and don’t make it too complicated or confusing. If you’re consistent, you will be remembered.”

For this reason, brand guidelines (also known as a style guide) are handy. Create a document that dictates the rules for your brand, stipulating the fonts, colours, logos, templates and images that should be used in your marketing collateral. “Having defined brand guidelines makes marketing and branding decisions easier because you have an existing outline to guide you,” Jamal says.

Share these guidelines with employees or collaborators to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Time to Hit Refresh

When your new assets are ready, roll-out your refresh across your marketing materials, website and social media channels.

Consider investing in items such as business cards, letterheads and stickers for face-to-face interactions with potential customers. “The more stationery you have your branding on, the more people will see it and remember it,” says Wakefield, who has had many successes with this type of collateral. “Especially if it’s something they can use, like postcards, loyalty cards or magnets. You want to make it easy for customers to know who you are and where to find you.”

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What To Try

Generate Buzz

Use free social media platforms and EDMs to promote a successful brand refresh.

Once your brand refresh is complete, get people talking about it! Leverage free social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – consider also if it would be effective for your brand to jump on newer options, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and Stories, podcasts and voice-first programs such as Alexa. Wakefield also points out that EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail, aka email newsletters) are bigger than ever right now. “They remind people who have interest in your brand already that you’re still there, while explaining what you’re about and allowing for repeat and loyal customers to hear from you,” she explains. Aim to form a dedicated community around your brand, made up of interested and like-minded people.

“You’ll avoid confusing your customer and instead make them feel included in your journey, further creating loyalty,” she says. “If you’re planning a huge [refresh], a good old countdown always creates hype. Be sure to offer little teasers along the way or create an exclusive offer or competition that relates back to your brand refresh and gets people talking about it.”

Officeworks offers comprehensive graphic design services, with an expert graphic design team to fulfil your promotional needs, including business cards, posters, marketing materials and logos.